2016 Frame 6 Users Group

Today, most powerplants pull data from the distributed control system (DCS) into a separate data historian, such as PI. Software applications, including advanced pattern recognition (APR), then take data from the historian, crunch the numbers, and provide indicators around machine health by comparing real-time, actual data trends to historical expected patterns. When a deviation is detected and becomes significant, an operator and/or a specialist is alerted.  more   
Safety roundtable opens Frame 6 Users' 30th anniversary meeting
Frame 6B gas turbines are the heart and soul of many cogeneration systems serving process plants in the primary-energy and chemical industries. The O&M personnel responsible for these assets typically are challenged by demanding managements to ensure high availability and performance on depression-era budgets. Those who thrive in this anaerobic environment have a practical, solutions-driven mindset that makes doing more with less a way of life. more 
Due diligence checklist: Is the plant worth the price?
What does the legal term "due diligence" really mean? One thing is for sure: The diligence period before closing the sale means buyer beware, or caveat emptor. During this period, the buyer is entitled to research the true value of an asset from the buyer's perspective. more 
Discussion sessions, chaired by members of the steering committee, run about an hour each. At previous meetings, discussion leaders began at the compressor end of the machine and moved aft. The order was changed for the 2016 conference because all the discussion time often had been consumed before the "small stuff"-instrumentation, for example-got air time. This year, the lineup was: auxiliaries, generators, and excitation; instrumentation and controls; compressor section; combustion section; turbine section. more   
Formal presentations focus on inlet filters, inspection findings, repair technology
There were three formal user/vendor presentations at the 30th anniversary meeting of the Frame 6 Users Group, in addition to those delivered by the OEM's team on GE Day:
  • Inlet-house air filters, based on the collaborative work between user and vendor.
  • Emergent 6B compressor findings.
  • Six steps to successful repair of Frame 6B components.  more
Upcoming CCJ Webinar: Robust Bucket Repair of 7FA.03 1st Stage Bucket
Erosion / corrosion / oxidation of the tips, lifting of the tip plates, liberation of the tip plates, shortened life cycles and increased repair costs have led Sulzer to engineer robust bucket repairs for the 7FA.03 end users.
Presented by Travis Cockrell and Michael Andrepont

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 1pm East/10am Pac.
Careers: Senior Manager @ Gateway Generating Station (Antioch, CA)
The Senior Manager of Fossil Generation is responsible for leading and overseeing all aspects of the operations, maintenance and administration of an operating combined cycle power plant. more  

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