Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.

LAOS: The government has issued a serious lockdown due to increased cases of Covid. Anyone outside their home without permission from a government official can be jailed and fined $200 USD. Pray for the protection, safety and especially, for a food supply to keep people nourished. Pray for the CCI team as they try to continue teaching via zoom online meetings.

INDONESIA: Pray for God to connect CCI Indonesia National Director, Frids, with key pastors and church leaders who want to train and disciple their people. Frids would like to introduce the CCI ministry with them and help them start new classes on North, Central and South Sulawesi island. Pray for God to identify these key leaders for Frids.
THAILAND: In August, there were up to 20,000 infections per day and 300 deaths per day. The CCI Thai team are saddened and mourn for the death that those who may not yet know eternal life through Jesus Christ. We thank God for the opportunities he has opened through these struggling days for the CCI Thai team to help suffering families who are infected with the coronavirus, have lost their jobs, or are affected by the current epidemic situation. The team goes house to house with food and prayer for the families. Pray for many salvations and for people to begin to want to study the Word of God and see their lives changed. Pictured below is Kittikun praying with a family. He has 2 Timothy 2:2 on his shirt and the word is “FAITHFUL STEWARDS”.

CAMBODIA: Pray for Sitha, CCI National Director, as he teaches a 6-video series on Psalm 23. Pray that people will understand the truth about the GOOD SHEPHERD, Jesus, and that they will find hope and salvation in him. Pray for the CCI team as they follow-up with people from around the world who respond to these messages. Sitha is pictured below teaching.
May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for investing in the CCI Ministry as an Intercessor.
Grace and Peace,