Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.

CAMBODIA: Ask the Lord to help the 51 students who study online with Sitha (CCI National Director) each Tuesday from 7-9 pm to have a clear understanding of the training materials teaching them the Word of God. May they learn well and use what they learning to grow spiritually and help others to know the truth about God and the Gospel.

ALBANIA: Pray for CCI President David Nelson and Pastor Brad Diehl from Maryland. They taught 25 pastors during the seminar on Resolving Conflicts in a Godly Way last week. Pray for the pastors to equip their congregations with this knowledge so they will honor God as they live with one another. This week they are meeting with the Northern Church Association with many pastors and promoting the CCI training ministry. Pray that many will want the training and that God would identify several key leaders who would help CCI by taking on the oversight of getting this training started across northern Albania.
NEPAL: Pray for these church leaders (pictured below) who recently experienced the seminar, Resolving Conflict in a Godly Way. May they return to their churches and teach their people so they can learn to live in peace and harmony with one another and make a good testimony for Christ in their local communities. Most CCI classes in Nepal are now online since most of the country is in another lockdown. Pray for the teachers and students to be faithful in their studies so that they can learn and grow in Christ.  
THAILAND: Continue to pray for the CCI staff as they help the suffering church, as well as unbelievers in their communities. They seek to share food supplies, have prayer for the needs of the families and share the Gospel with 1000 families each month, as long as they have freedom without a lock-down. Teams prepare food supplies and our staff share the Gospel with the recipients. This is a great opportunity that has come out of the pandemic: openness to hear the truth in this country, where 95% are Buddhist. Please ask God to save many and open the doors for new relationships for CCI training to begin in their communities and see the Church of Jesus Christ expand in these areas.
PHILIPPINES: Pray for the 17 people who recently were trained in the God’s Financial Principles seminar. One participant said after the training: “I learned how to handle the resources that God has entrusted to me. The way I handle my resource has a great impact on the intimacy I have with Jesus Christ.” Pray for more training opportunities online and in-person and for God to help those who are trained to see their lives changed as they obey the Word of God. An online class with students is pictured below.
Grace and Peace,