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Coordinated Care Initiative
Monthly Update: April 2018
Important Announcements
Cal MediConnect Data Workgroup for Plans
The new three-way contracts require Cal MediConnect plans to begin sharing data when members transfer between plans to help support continuity of care. A new workgroup of Cal MediConnect plans, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) representatives will develop a set of recommendations on what should be included in that data package, how the data sharing process should work, and the implementation process and timeline. The workgroup kicked off April 19 and expects to have recommendations to DHCS later this year.
Enrollment and Performance Data
Monthly Cal MediConnect enrollment data and quarterly performance dashboards can be found here .
CCI Outreach
Featured Events
Los Angeles County

3/11 - State outreach specialists distributed information at Telemundo 52's Los Angeles Health Expo, "La Feria de Salud," held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Beneficiaries, caregivers, and health care professionals stopped by the table for information and to ask questions.
Orange County

3/21 - State outreach staff shared information with beneficiaries during Costa Mesa Senior Center's Knowledge and Health Fair Expo in Costa Mesa. Attendees received information about OneCare Connect including benefits, the preauthorization process, continuity of care, and enrollment.

Riverside County

3/23 to 3/25
  - State outreach specialists connected with seniors, caregivers, and providers at the California CareForce Coachella Valley Clinic in Indio. Attendees learned about the benefits of Cal MediConnect and other aspects of the program.
San Bernardino County

3/24 - Seniors and caregivers attending the Inland Empire Disabilities Expo in San Bernardino learned about Cal MediConnect from state outreach specialists. Attendees learned about the different options available to them and those they care for and how the program can help dual eligibles in California.
Santa Clara County

3/29 - A state outreach specialist trained HICAP counselors during their quarterly training in Santa Clara. The counselors will help beneficiaries better understand Cal MediConnect and other health care programs.
Other Recent Events
Upcoming Events
Provider Webinars
Please join us for free CCI webinars designed for providers. These recurring webinars provide an overview of the program and key information for providers, including details about beneficiary and provider protections, care coordination, billing, contracting, and how beneficiaries and providers can benefit from the program. 

To register for upcoming webinars, please use the links below.
Request a Presentation
If you would like a free presentation or training about the CCI for you, your staff, or anyone else interested in learning about the progra m,  click here to fill out a request form .
Resources & Links
Information for Beneficiaries and Caregivers
If you want more details about the CCI, click the link on the right to review the Beneficiary Toolkit. To request that a toolkit be mailed to you, email .
Information for Physicians
If you are a provider, click the link on the right to access the Physician Toolkit. The toolkit is a series of fact sheets that describe the CCI in detail as it pertains to providers. To request that a toolkit be mailed to you, email .
Information for Case Managers
The Cal MediConnect Hospital Case Manager Toolkit provides guidance, answers to common questions, and important information about Cal MediConnect for hospital case managers and discharge planners.
Information for Social Workers
Information for social workers and county case managers about the basics of Cal MediConnect health plans, help identifying their clients' options, and guidance in coordinating their clients' care can be found in the Social Workers Resource Guide, available through the link on the right.
For contact information on health plans, Health Care Options, and the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program, click the link on the right.
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