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Monthly Update: February 2017
Important Announcements
DHCS Releases HRA Workgroup Recommendations
This month, DHCS released the Cal MediConnect HRA Workgroup: Summary of Recommendations. This report is part of DHCS's strategy to improve dual eligible beneficiaries' access to LTSS. DHCS convened a workgroup to create standardized LTSS referral questions for all Cal MediConnect plans to use in their Health Risk Assessments (HRAs). This report is the final product of that workgroup and provides a set of recommended standardized LTSS referral questions and guidance for plans on how to use these questions to identify members who may qualify for and benefit from LTSS services.
Updated Beneficiary Resource
Robust outreach and education is a core part of the design and implementation of the CCI and Cal MediConnect. DHCS continues to update and develop new tools to use in outreach and education activities for beneficiaries, providers, and other health advocates. 

DHCS updated the Cal MediConnect beneficiary slide deck as a resource for health plans, advocates, and community organizations to provide useful information for dual eligible beneficiaries examining their health care options. The slide deck includes information such as: how care coordination can improve health outcomes, additional benefits provided by Cal MediConnect health plans, and how to keep your current health care providers.

Find the updated slides online here: PPT | PDF
Save The Date - March CCI Stakeholder Call
The next CCI stakeholder call will be held on March 16, 2017 from 10-11 am. Click here to register.
Enrollment Data
A new set of enrollment data through February 1st is available  here .
CCI Outreach
Featured Events
Los Angeles County

1/11 - State outreach staff gave a CCI presentation and   budget update for Long Beach and Los Angeles County administrators and stakeholders at the   South Bay Disability and Senior Collaborative Meeting in Long Beach. Following the discussion about plan benefits and the enrollment process, attendees heard about opportunities for future training sessions and monthly webinars available for their staff and the people they serve.
Los Angeles County

1/22 - Hundreds of beneficiaries and providers in Los Angeles learned more about Cal MediConnect at an informational booth at Telemundo 52's Feria de la Salud, called "El poder en ti/tu salud." Attendees learned about Cal MediConnect's benefits, care coordination, continuity of care, and other key information.
Los Angeles County

1/28 - Over 100 English- and Spanish-speaking beneficiaries in Lynwood attended the Los Angeles County Health Fair at Plaza Mexico in downtown L.A., where CCI outreach coordinators shared information about the program.
Riverside County

1/26 - Stakeholders representing the Coachella Valley Resources Collaborative learned more about the CCI during a presentation at the Disability Collaborative in Coachella. The presentation included the latest updates on the CCI, benefits and enrollment procedures, and the availability of resources like the Beneficiary Toolkit.
San Diego County

1/31 - Providers from Azusa Pacific University learned about the CCI during a food distribution activity at Paradise Valley Community Church in National City. The presentation focused on the value of care coordination, the options available, the extra benefits that are offered with Cal MediConnect, and the enrollment process. In addition to providers and seniors learning more about the program, nurses and nursing students provided health care check-ups to seniors from underserved parts of National City.
Other Recent Events
Click here to view a full list of recent outreach events.
Upcoming Events
Provider Webinars

Please join us for free CCI webinars designed for providers.  These recurring webinars provide an overview of the program and key information for providers, including details about beneficiary and provider protections, care coordination, billing, contracting, and how beneficiaries and providers can benefit from the program.  

To register for upcoming webinars, please use the links below.
Request a Presentation
If you would like a free presentation or training about the CCI for you, your staff, or anyone else interested in learning about the progra m,  click here to fill out a request form .
Resources & Links
Information for Beneficiaries and Caregivers
If you want more details about the CCI, click the link on the right to review the Beneficiary Toolkit. To request that a toolkit be mailed to you, email .
Information for Physicians
If you are a provider, click the link on the right to access the Physician Toolkit. The toolkit is a series of fact sheets that describe the CCI in detail as it pertains to providers. To request that a toolkit be mailed to you, email .
Information for Case Managers
The Cal MediConnect Hospital Case Manager Toolkit gives guidance, answers to common questions, and provides important information about Cal MediConnect for hospital case managers and discharge planners. To request that a toolkit be mailed to you, email
Contact information for health plans, Health Care Options, and the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program.
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