Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.
Pray for the National Director's wife, Cora, who is discipling a small group of ladies (pic on right) in her neighborhood. They meet almost every day to pray, study the Bible, and minister to other women in the area. Please pray for these ladies to grow in the knowledge of and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for the upcoming graduation of the Bethel class scheduled for this week. Pray that the graduates will impact their community for the glory of God. Pray for them to be full of enthusiasm and fervor to preach the gospel to the lost in their villages and regions.
Pastor Saindius continues to expand the ministry in his territory in Haiti despite the limitation of the pandemic response. Praise God that he now has a motorbike that allows him more ready access to the northwestern peninsula.
He also will have a graduation of 15 individuals, taught by three men (including himself) in this region. Pray for his plan to train and qualify several graduates as new teachers and expand the classes in this area.
CCI Thailand held a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) for Akha Leadership Institute and its team. Many Akha pastors and leaders in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar attended this training. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity that will have a big impact on the Akha people in the future. May God help them to gain solid direction in their ministry and greatly improve their preaching skills.
Khun Prapaporn Noichanwong is the wife of Ajarn Somchai Noichanwong, the Pastor of the Ritprakhun Chum Phae Church. Khun said she had always supported her husband's work, but there were things that she did not understand, like the principles of the Bible and the foundation of the ministry. This was because she had never been trained in the Bible before, and it resulted in many conflicting ideas with her husband in their ministry until her husband decided to take the CCI course. She also joined her husband in this training, which helped her understand the Bible. Although they are only currently studying Book 3, Exploring the New Testament, their ministry is doing better and running more smoothly.
After closing the country for more than a year, we praise God that the government announced the country's reopening in November. Please pray for the three CCI classes in Cambodia that are starting again. Pray for all the students to be faithful to the Word and multiply disciples. Pray for these classes as they grow in knowing, living, and teaching the Word of God.
PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for hearing your prayers and answering them according to His will. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for supplying the needed financial support for the CCI national workers to carry on and expand this ministry in their countries.

May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,