Weekly Prayer Requests

Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. Here are this week's prayer requests.
ALBANIA: Pray for the pastors and church leaders who recently attended the CCI training from David Nelson in September. Pray that God will burden several pastors with the desire to start training their people. Pray for the churches to begin classes to help make more disciples and equip more leaders to expand the gospel across the country. Pray for these first-generation Christians to stand firm in amid persecution. Pray for David and Pastor Brad Diehl as they plan to return in January 2022 to train pastors on how to teach the CCI curriculum.
VIETNAM: Pray for the CCI staff and pastors who have several children who have started the new school year and are required to attend online classes. The problem is that most families with 2-3 children only have one smartphone or one computer. This means the students are missing part of their classes while their siblings are using the computer. Also, pray for parents who have to watch their children during class sessions. This means the parents are not able to go to work to help provide income for the family. Pray for pastors as they are looking for new ways to restart our church meetings effectively. It is challenging to get every believer to start joining new ways of worship service. Pastors have to familiarize themselves with new forms of preparing sermons, prayers, meetings, and conducting the Lord’s supper. Ask God to give them the wisdom to make these adjustments.
INDIA SUB-CONTINENT COUNTRIES: Pray for the Regional Director of Northern India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Pray for God to give him the wisdom to identify key pastors who can help launch the CCI training ministry in each country. Pray for the new CCI staff in Northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh as they train pastors who can reproduce the training with other pastors. Pray for God to raise up partners who will pray and financial invest in the advancement of the gospel in these countries.
CENTRAL & SOUTHERN INDIA: Pray for CCI Director as he oversees teachers who are teaching classes with over 400 students. Pray for the students to be faithful in their studies and complete the training. Pray that 161 graduates of the CCI training in 2021 will apply their training to start new classes and help make mature reproducing disciples of Jesus.
THAILAND: Praise the Lord for more than 100 people who have accepted Christ as their Savior. Most of them heard the truth of the Gospel from CCI teachers and students who have been distributing food supplies in their neighborhoods. These people have suffered loss of jobs due to the pandemic, and many new people have been attending church services to learn more about Jesus Christ.
We also praise God that the CCI discipleship focus between the teachers and students is being put into practice through the distribution ministry. Students are being discipled by their teachers and gaining ministry skills as they share the Gospel. This helps them gain confidence in carrying out God's ministry in real-life situations.

May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,