Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.
Please continue to pray for Sitha and his family to quickly and fully recover from Covid-19. Pray for restored strength and joy so that they may bless and serve God in their renewed health.

Praise God that Cambodia is opening up, and CCI classes will begin again.

Pray for a CCI student and his family as they move to a new village to start a new church. Pray for God's provision and discipleship.

HAITI: Praise the Lord that David Castille started a new class in Petit-Anse, a small village outside Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Pray for the students to be faithful in their studies and complete the training. Pray for their commitment to learning God's Word.

NEPAL: Praise the Lord for a group of young people in Nepal who attended a youth conference held at a CCI leader’s church. Pray for these students, that they use what they learned to grow spiritually and help others to know the truth about God and the Gospel.

Faces blurred to protect their identities

Pray for the students in the Abu khaireni, Tanahu class. These 12 students from 4 different churches are currently studying Book 5: Bible Doctrine Survey. Pray for the students to grow strong in Christ and become reproducing disciples.
NEW ZEALAND: Pray for the CCI classes in Auckland, Northland, and Waikato, as they are in lockdown and taught via zoom. Pray for the teachers and students to be faithful in their studies so that they can learn and grow in Christ. We praise God that Wellington and the South Island are free to teach the classes in-person.

Pray for unity for the people of Aotearoa, as Covid-19 is dividing them regarding the choice of vaccination. Pray that they can learn to live in peace and harmony with one another.
VIETNAM: The God’s Financial Principles Seminar was recently taught online with 48 participants. Please pray for those who attended that they learn to manage their finances with biblical wisdom and become good stewards of what God has provided. Here is a testimony from one of the participants:

"Praise God for the good opportunity to join a 7-week seminar on God’s Financial Principles (GFP). Being a church leader, this seminar is beneficial to my ministry. I was taught about contentment, saving, spending, and giving. I started making a financial plan for my family in hopes that we would be in control of our income, expenses, and investments.
I failed several times in managing money, and it caused problems for my family. This seminar inspired me in giving, saving, and increasing my income. I am praying that a financial plan acts as a guide to go through life's journey. Hoping this plan may help me achieve my goals.

Thank you, CCI Vietnam, for training us on this topic. I am looking forward to joining more seminars from the CCI team."
Mr. A, Central Vietnam
Face blurred to protect his identity
PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for hearing your prayers and answering them according to His will. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for supplying the needed financial support for the CCI national workers to carry on and expand this ministry in their countries.

May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,