Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.
MEXICO: Pray for the Arnolds to have a safe flight to Oaxaca, Mexico this Thursday, October 21st, to begin their eight months of Spanish language school. Pray for smooth travel with no complications, no covid contact and good health to begin school. Pray for them to adjust easily with the Mexican family with whom they will be living. Pray for good understanding and comprehension as they study Spanish.
PHILIPPINES: Pray for the Philippines team as they begin a weekly online prayer meeting with their staff, teachers and students around the country. Pray this is a great time of encouragement as they share their burdens, needs, upcoming events and praises.
Pray for Pastor Roger. He has been traveling throughout the mountain villages sharing the Gospel and pioneering several new churches among the various tribes. Pray for the leaders he is training among these new believers who will become the pastors of these churches. He is making disciples by equipping them with the Word of God and then sending them out to evangelize their communities. Pastor Roger says, “Indeed, to pioneer a church with no outside help is no easy task. But CCI is helping me train God’s people in the church, unloading my burden, especially to continue to do the work of the Lord until the Catching Away of the saints.”
LAOS: Pray for the staff, teachers, students and partners. The pandemic is worse, and the whole country is still on lockdown. There are 296 villages designated as red zones around the country, over 39 districts, across ten provinces. In Vientiane Capital, there are 172 red zone villages across eight districts. “Red zones” include villages with one case of unknown origin or a cluster of 2 or more cases within the last 14 days.” Since there are many people in our village who have gotten the virus, our village is now one of these "red zones." The local authority made a confining center in our village to cook meals and give various forms of help as needed. The Lao CCI team volunteers at the center and helps share the love of Jesus with the people who come for aid. Pray for the Gospel to spread as they help people learn about Jesus Christ.
CCI team prepares a meal at the center(above)

Pastor S and his small house church (below)
Pray for Pastor S as he teaches Spiritual Life with this small house church. Pray for the students to grow strong in Christ and become reproducing disciples reaching and teaching others in their community.
INDONESIA: Pray for the CCI National Director, Frids, as he teaches this class (photo on right) in Makassar every Friday. Pray the students learn well as they study the course "BIBLE STUDY METHODS and RULES OF INTERPRETATION". Pray this will help them understand the Word of God and correctly teach it to others.
Pray for Musa as he grows in his knowledge of the Word of God. Pray he will become a strong leader and wise teacher to help the youth learn and grow in the Lord Jesus. Pray for many mature disciples of Jesus through his ministry.

"My name is Musa. I am a participant in a class at Makassar. I am responsible as the leader of one of the small groups in my church. I am an employee in a company. This responsibility makes me uncomfortable because I realize who I am and my spirituality. Despite being very diligent in worship services, my understanding of the Bible was very limited. I spent my free time after coming home from work playing a lot of online games. I am grateful that after taking the CCI class, I began to feel a change in my spiritual life. My love for online games? I started to divert my time by studying the Bible. As a leader, I was greatly helped in how to study the Bible effectively following the Observation, Application and Interpretation process."
May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,