Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests:
Please continue to pray for the Arnolds as they are in Spanish language school. Continue to pray for them in the areas of retention, usage of the language, and assimilation of the culture.

Praise God for helping them acclimate to their surroundings and providing such great godly relationships in their lives that they can remain encouraged and persistent in the mission with which they have been entrusted.
Praise the Lord that after several delays that were beyond their control, Pastor Calixte and several volunteers from his church and the local ministry of CCI were finally able to organize the transportation and distribution of the donated food items to families in need in Les Cayes following the devastating earthquake there earlier this year.
Praise God for providing:
  • The donor of the food (Anonymous)
  • Missionary Flights International, Ft. Pierce, FL (Transportation to Haiti)
  • Pastor Calixte, CCI Regional Coordinator in Port-au-Prince
  • Volunteers in Haiti to repackage and distribute the supplies
  • The owners and drivers of the bus providing transportation to Les Cayes
  • Everyone who donated to the Haiti Earthquake Relief project at CCI
Without these, this project could not have come to fruition. 
Pray for Pastor Thuong's wife. She has a thyroid tumor and has been hospitalized for treatment. Pray that the doctors will be able to determine the appropriate treatment for her.

Pray for the Stieng tribe class as they will graduate on December 6th. Pray for them to be reproducing disciples that will reach and teach others.
Ami Areepha is a CCI student studying the 5th book and works as a general employee. She shares this testimony: "Prior to taking the CCI class, I was a carnal Christian. I did not read the Bible, did not offer tithes, was a gossip who liked to provoke other people to hate that person. I was greedy for money and valuables, jealous of other people, wanting what they had. I was not sympathetic to others and was selfish. But after taking the CCI course, my life has improved immensely. I know God better and thank God that I now have a heart that wants to read the Bible, tithe and pray. I know to give all of my problems to God, and I am thankful for God's help and blessings. Living in the Lord's way fills my life with blessings and happiness. The old, sinful habits are completely gone. I have a new life in Christ more and more every day. Thanks to God, the CCI ministry, and the faculty who brought the course to us. May God bless you all. Amen."
PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for hearing your prayers and answering them according to His will. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for supplying the needed financial support for the CCI national workers to carry on and expand this ministry in their countries.

May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,