Weekly Prayer Requests


Thank you for your investment in praying for the ministry of CCI. 

Here are this week's prayer requests.
LAOS: The pandemic is worse now in Laos. The government extended the ongoing lock-down in the whole country for 15 more days. 
Pray for God’s healing upon the country from the virus.
Pray that God will move so that classes can begin again.
Pray for the CCI staff and teachers to patiently wait on the Lord for His timing.
Pray they will wisely use their time for studying and helping each other as they have the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to one another.
CAMBODIA: Continue to pray for the CCI National Director, Sitha and his family as four of them have Covid. They have received their shots.
Pray for a speedy recovery with no serious effects of the virus.
Pray for them to have strength each day to still care for the needs of their family.
MYANMAR: The God’s Financial Principles Seminar was taught recently online with 17 pastors from Kachin State. Pray that each pastor will teach this to their people, so they will understand that God owns all our resources, and that we are only the stewards of them.
Pray for Mrs. Tawng, who shared this testimony:
Mrs. Tawng:
"It is a very helpful tool for my spiritual life and the ministry as well. Though I am a servant minister, I thought that all the blessings I have were owned by me, and I spent it with my own decision for my own advantage. However, now I clearly understand that God is the owner, and I am just a steward, and my responsibility is to be faithful.
Also, I realized that I have been influenced by worldly things rather than biblical views. Now, I know that loving God is the central theme of Christian living in terms of giving, saving and spending. And my understanding of property is clear. Being rich or poor is not a matter, but taking responsibility is the key."
PHILIPPINES: Each year, hundreds of students from all walks of life, mostly pastors and church leaders, enroll in the CCI classes. These classes take a commitment to study for 1-3 years to get through all the training courses we offer. Pray for these students to learn, understand, apply what they learn in their own lives and then share what they have learned with others. Here are a couple of stories from our students. Please pray for them to effectively share with others.
"Pastor Anthony Syjuco organized and led a three-day ministerial conference in Negros Occidental with the theme “Biblical Understanding of the Nature and Nurture of the Church.” Most of the participants are CCI students. This was a great opportunity to equip the current CCI students and to introduce CCI to those who are not yet in the program."
~ Henry Ventura, CCI National Director Philippines ~
"I am Pastor Jake, a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ by the will of God. I thank our Living God that a Mission Outreach Church led by Pastor Walter Tupas came to our small town of Pagawan Manticao, Philippines. The workers of the Lord came to our house and preached the Good News about salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. That was in November 2012.

My Christian life is not easy. I have many failures and shortcomings, but strive and desire to offer my life to God because I belong to Him. Pastor Jun Mabano encouraged and inspired me to enroll in CCI training. I saw his knowledge and wisdom in the Bible through the program. I was challenged as a pastor to take up this program to learn more and use it in the field that the Lord has assigned to me.

When in class, I learned so many things that I didn't know before. I am really thankful to our almighty God that the CCI training has come to our generation. A pastor/leader must have a strong foundation in the Word of God for the work of the Lord to continue and endure. I have seen the incredible impact of this training in my teaching and preaching. I am so happy that my whole family is now Christian and that we are serving the Lord.

For with God nothing shall be impossible, to God be all the glory and honor forever."
PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for hearing your prayers and answering them according to His will. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for supplying the needed financial support for the CCI national workers to carry on and expand this ministry in their countries.

May your prayers be heard and answered with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.
Grace and Peace,