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The effectiveness of the Rutgers IC CAE program is partly measured based on the number of Rutgers Consortium students who have received various opportunities within the federal Intelligence Community.

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IC CAE Fall Research Fellowships

US Coast Guard Sector - New York 

Selected students will work under the mentorship of USCG SECNY Intelligence Staff with expertise and backgrounds in intelligence, military, law enforcement, interagency, and USCG statutory missions. This program will provide an opportunity for students to support unique and operationally vital research to advance U.S. intelligence processes and USCG SECNY operations. Upon selection, students will have the opportunity to rank each of the topics and/or mission areas for the fellowship.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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National Intelligence University

Selected students will work under the mentorship of NIU faculty with expertise and backgrounds in intelligence, military, and foreign policy.Students will support groundbreaking research to advance U.S. intelligence processes and foreign policy efforts. During the application process, students will have the opportunity to rank each of the five NIU centers participating in the fellowship.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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Network Contagion Research Institute

NCRI is interested in working with dedicated, capable students from across the country to join a multidisciplinary team of scholars and analysts to help profile and report on emerging threats of extremism and terror forming on social media. Ideal candidates possess a background in computer science or statistics and have some understanding of working with large data sets, or alternatively, experience in OSINT (open source intelligence gathering.) students will have the opportunity to participate and obtain authorship on high quality and data-driven intelligence reports on emerging extremist threats. 

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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Environmental Investigation Agency

Our undercover investigations expose transnational wildlife crime, with a focus on elephants, pangolins and tigers and forest crimes such as illegal logging and deforestation for cash crops such as palm oil. We work to safeguard global marine ecosystems by addressing the threats posed by plastic pollution, bycatch and commercial exploitation of whales, dolphins and porpoises. We also reduce the impact of climate change by campaigning to eliminate powerful refrigerant greenhouse gases, exposing related illicit trade and improving energy efficiency in the cooling sector. We use our findings in hard-hitting reports to campaign for improved governance and more effective enforcement.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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Additional Opportunities

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

Intelligence Analyst 

As an intelligence analyst for ONI you will:

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and integrate complex data from multiple sources in assessing the relevance and significance of developments in assigned areas
  • Plan, implement and maintain data bases for intelligence assignments required to process all-source material and the production of technical and operational intelligence in assigned areas
  • Evaluate and integrate all-source intelligence information to produce/contribute to tailored intelligence products in response to customer requirements

(Open to all students)

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National Security Agency

Finance and Accounting Analyst

As a Finance and Accounting Analyst at the NSA, you will process financial transactions to include computing entitlements such as pay, travel and contractor invoices.

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing vouchers to authorize payment
  • Issuing checks or Electronic Funds Transfer payments
  • Posting certified execution documents to the NSA Finance and Accounting system
  • Analyzing financial transactions
  • Certifying availability and accountability of funds as well as entitlement for payment of claims and invoices
  • Preparing and certifying periodic reports on the status of appropriated funds

(Open to all students)

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Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Legal Intern

The position will expose interns to numerous areas of law and related policies, including; national security law, intelligence law, procurement and acquisition law, personnel law, government ethics, budget and fiscal law, administrative law, legislative support, and intellectual property law.

Interns will:

  • Assist attorneys in providing oral and written advice to senior officials and counselors in the ODNI.
  • Prepare memorandums on legal and policy issues facing the IC. 
  • Work with other agencies on national security litigation, policy, and related topics.
  • Revise and vet regulations and internal policy directives.

(Open to all students)

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Drug Enforcement 

Administration (DEA)

Human Resources Specialist

Work assignments will include:

  • Consulting with and advising senior Human Resources and organization managers on recruitment, examination, and selection processes, regulations, and requirements;
  • Coordinating and advising on the implementation and use of automated and recruiting systems, tools and processes;
  • Administering agency recruitment and placement plans that include developing and issuing vacancy announcements

(Open to all students)

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Interesting Reads

Explore Osama bin Laden's Book Shelf

In the weeks following the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by United States forces, US IC analysts sifted through recovered digital and hard copy materials in search of clues that would reveal ongoing plots, identities and locations of al-Qa`ida personnel, and other information of immediate importance. Following a rigorous interagency review, ODNI began a multi-stage public release of documents recovered from the compound used to hide Osama bin Laden.

Gain unique insight into bin Laden and other compound residents by viewing media articles, government documents, and other texts present at the compound. 

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