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CALLING LINDA (314-662-3662)

Our fall retreat is called the "Leadership Summit." All who are interested in the future of CCM are invited to attend. There will be classes about ministry possibilities and time for everyone to offer input.  Under the theme of "Meeting the Challenge to Love", we will be covering other subjects i.e., developing outreach to Youth, Small Group development and mission group adventures.  Call Linda if you want to come. 

With an emphasis on expanding our communications, CCM will host a new Website (  In addition to post calendar and other announcements, videos, and interviews, spiritual guidance will be featured. Follow the development of the expanded expressions of our mission

Laurie Romigwho has given strong and insightful leadership to the team, will also be transitioning off the Leadership Team. As Scott Norwood assumes leadership in the coming year, Laurie will assist him for some months with background information and guidance. After years of faithful service, Mike Stacy will be leaving the CCM Leadership Team at the end of this calendar year. We are also excited to announce that Caitlyn Barbour will be joining the Leadership Team.

Scott Norwood of Warrensburg, Mo has been appointed the new Chairperson for the CCM Leadership Team.  Bio: Scott Norwood heard of the Independence CCC congregation in 1986 and took a van load of Zion's Leaguers from Jefferson City to experience that congregation; Scott was hooked.  Following his marriage to Allison in 1986 they moved to Warrensburg and he became pastor of the second CCC congregation. While working as a civilian employee for the Air Force, Scott missed being able to attend a CCM ministry for eight years. Since returning from England in 2001 he has attended many Celebrations and retreats.

Scott has pastored three different congregations for a total of eleven years.  He currently serves in the Office of Seventy and has a passion for encouraging people to pray for those who know not God.

Starting 1-1-16 Scott will "try to fill the shoes" of Laurie Romig who has been Chair since 2007.  Laurie's leadership has been outstanding as CCM has expanded its purpose and has stayed faithful to the Spirit's call to the Kingdom building role of CCM.  

Newsletter announcements are welcome: Please send testimonies and announcements for future newsletters to Scott at

Prayer requests can be sent to For those who desire to receive information about people whorequest our prayers use the same address to receive emails.