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Serve the needs of our physician members so they can better serve the needs of the community
COVID-19 Updates, Reminder for "CCMS Physicians Care" COVID-19 Stories
Dear CCMS Members,

Reminder: CCMS members are invited to recognize your practice, your staff, their accomplishments, and other positives observed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stories will be considered for inclusion in the CCMS member magazine, The Forum as well as a video that we are creating.

How to submit your story:
1) Reply to this email and describe your story, for example:
-What is the most innovative way that you have reached out to your patients about standard checkups or managing chronic conditions?
-Do you have a staff member that has gone above and beyond to make sure a patient has access to medications/treatment?
-What patient success stories have you had recently?
-What good news and inspiring COVID-related healthcare stories have you witnessed?
2) Record a brief 30-second to 1:00 minute video telling your story/sharing scenes of your practice in action or telehealth home office, on your phone or computer. Email a link.
3) Email creative photos (HIPAA-compliant) from your office:
- Photos of physicians, nurses, or admin staff working or volunteering
- Scan and send a Thank You note received from a patient
- Group your nurses and admin staff safely together for a photo
- Send an Individual photo of yourself or physician colleague and patient (with permission)
- Submit a photo of yourself or colleague with/near a computer (to highlight telemedicine)

We will follow up if we need additional information. Thank you!
COVID-19 Updates/Resources:

COVID-19 Case Dashboard (total Collier confirmed cases as of 4/14, 6:30pm - 380)

The CPT Editorial Panel approved a revised code and an addition of two new codes for immediate use to streamline data-driven responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCMS member Dr. Jeffrey Rosenfield, President, ER QuickCare reports: "ER QuickCare is now testing for COVID-19 virus. Testing is limited and based on our physician's order."

Reminder, feel free to share our video: CCMS Physicians Care During COVID-19 Crisis
Collaborate, celebrate, and commiserate with your colleagues during this outbreak via the CCMS/SWFL Private Facebook Groups: Physicians | Practice Administrators/Office Staff

The CCMS Physician Wellness Program is operating via telehealth during the COVID outbreak. Services have been temporarily extended to CCMS Alliance members and non-member Collier County physicians through the end of May.

All CCMS member updates on COVID-19 are archived on our Health Resources webpage. To contact CCMS with inquiries related to COVID-19 or other issues, email April Donahue, Executive Director or Nancy Wood, Executive Assistant, or call 239-435-7727 (if you reach our voice mail, please note a good time to return your call).

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