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COVID-19 Updates, Call for "CCMS Physicians Care" COVID-19 Stories
Dear CCMS Members,

As you may have seen in past issues of the CCMS member magazine, The Forum, we have been highlighting the different ways that "CCMS Physicians Care" for their patients and the overall health of the community.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we know that your offices have taken additional efforts to protect your patients and your staff members, while still providing outstanding care. And, we would like to share your inspiring stories with the community.

Please take a few minutes to recognize your practice, your staff, their accomplishments, and other positives observed during this outbreak. Stories will be considered for inclusion in The Forum as well as a video that we are creating. For example:

What is the most innovative way that you have reached out to your patients about standard checkups or managing chronic conditions?
Do you have a staff member that has gone above and beyond to make sure a patient has access to medications/treatment?
What patient success stories have you had recently?
What good news and inspiring COVID-related healthcare stories have you witnessed?

How to submit your story:
1) Reply to this email and describe your story.
2) Record a brief 30-second to 1:00 minute video telling your story on your phone or computer. Email a link.
3) Email creative photos (HIPAA-compliant) from your office:
- Photos of physicians, nurses, or admin staff working or volunteering
- Scan and send a Thank You note received from a patient
- Group your nurses and admin staff safely together for a photo
- Send an Individual photo of yourself or physician colleague and patient (with permission)
- Submit a photo of yourself or colleague with/near a computer (to highlight telemedicine)

We will follow up if we need additional information.

Thank you for all you are doing to protect our community!
Collaborate, celebrate, and commiserate with your colleagues during this outbreak via the CCMS/SWFL Private Facebook Groups: Physicians | Practice Administrators/Office Staff

The CCMS Physician Wellness Program is operating via telehealth during the COVID outbreak. Services have been temporarily extended to CCMS Alliance members and non-member Collier County physicians through the end of May.

All CCMS member updates on COVID-19 are archived on our Health Resources webpage. To contact CCMS with inquiries related to COVID-19 or other issues, email April Donahue, Executive Director or Nancy Wood, Executive Assistant, or call 239-435-7727 (if you reach our voice mail, please note a good time to return your call).

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