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The Lord is coming, always coming.

As a church, we celebrate the season of Advent during the four weeks before Christmas.

Advent is a time of preparation – getting ready for the birth of Jesus. Our word “Advent” comes from the Latin word “adventus,” which means “arrival.”

A season of arrival. What are you waiting for and hoping will arrive this year – on an

individual level, on a family level, on a community level, and on a world level? Where is God’s peace, hope, joy, and light most needed?

For children, much more than the rest of us, Advent is a time of anxious, eager waiting:

Christmas is coming!! In their enthusiastic yearning for the day when gifts are unwrapped and stockings are filled, children model and exemplify for us the spiritual longing that the church should have during Advent. Children can hardly wait for Christmas because they are certain that the good things they expect will come. They have no doubt – they know it. This is exactly how we should wait for what God is doing: certain that the provision God promises will come.

The Hebrew Scriptures are full of this expectation. At different periods in their history,

the Israelites were in the wilderness, in slavery, and in exile from home. They depended on

God’s deliverance. What would it mean to be people in captivity, and look toward the coming of a ruler who we knew could surely set us free? What would it mean to be people at war, and hope for the coming of the one who could bring peace? How would you wait, how would you hope?

Several years ago, I heard an interview on National Public Radio with a young mother

and father of three who were struggling to make ends meet, even though the father worked full- time and the mother worked part-time. The mother shared a conversation she had with a minister one day. She said that at times, she had been tempted to “sell her soul” to feed her children. She had been tempted to give up on God, and to give up hope that food would come. “But,” she said, “I haven’t sold my soul, because I know that there’s a lesson in this.” 

By a lesson, I think she meant that underneath the struggle, she believed God was working, and something would come out of it – some learning or some growth. This mother, who had been able to provide for her family ten years ago, was now waiting for help to provide – for God’s provision. She trusted it would come, whether through a neighbor’s garden, a church, a food pantry, or a better paying job.

These are the thoughts and feelings of Advent. Real waiting without giving up, with

hope. Every year, the church waits to celebrate the birth of Jesus, because this practice of

waiting reminds us of another hope – our hope for the coming of God’s kingdom of light on

earth, when the lion will lie down with the lamb and everyone who weeps will laugh.

During Advent, we wait. But then comes Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus

– a time to utterly rejoice, to let the joy wash over us. Christmas reminds us that even though we are waiting in this world, God is already present among us. Emmanuel, God with us. Christ is already at work, dwelling in our hearts and communities. God is already bringing peace and good news – and God wants us to participate.

This year, let us prepare for what God wants to do in our hearts and in our communities.

Let’s open our hands to the people who are depending on God’s arrival. Let’s open our eyes to the presence of God already, everywhere.

Pastor Sarah

Schedule Change:

Pastor Sarah is rearranging her schedule. Going forward, she will be at church Mondays - Thursdays from 8:30 am - 3pm (excepting visits and meetings), and her day off will be on Fridays.

Our church is proud to announce that this year we made a donation as part of our annual mission giving. We believe in the importance of supporting those in need, and this donation will go towards helping those who require it most. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community, and we hope that this act of kindness will inspire others to do the same. Thank you to all who contributed to this year's mission giving, and we look forward to continuing to support those in need in the years to come.

Bags Of Hope

Join us on December 10th after service for a fun and meaningful stocking stuffing party! We are excited to announce that we will have a guest speaker from The McAuley Ministries joining us to talk about their work and how we can support their mission. Bring your family and friends to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship and service as we spread Christmas cheer to those in need.

The Community Church of Providence is excited to announce that we are looking for children who would like to participate in our annual Christmas Pageant. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your child to be a part of our community's celebration of the holiday season. There are still spots open, so sign up your child today! Pageant practice is on Saturday December 16th at 10am, and the pageant will take place during service on Sunday December 17th. We look forward to seeing you and your child there!

Online Character sign up

We are thrilled to announce that our annual Christmas Potluck will be taking place on December 17th. This year, the potluck will be held in conjunction with the Christmas play and party after service, so it's sure to be a day filled with festive cheer and fun for all ages. 

And that's not all - we're excited to announce that Santa will be making a special appearance at the potluck! So be sure to bring your cameras and get ready for some great photo opportunities. 

To make things even easier, we've set up an online dish sign up. Simply click the link below to sign up and let us know what dish you'll be bringing. If you prefer, paper signups will also be located in Rhodes Hall. 

We hope to see you there and look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you!

Christmas Potluck Dish Signup

We encourage children to be an active part of worship! Sunday school for children is held during service. If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to get your kids involved in church activities, Sunday School is the perfect place to start. Join us Sunday and see what your child can create!

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