We at Capital City Productions are excited to continue bringing you the arts at our amazing new home.

Unlike many other more traditional theatres with stadium seating in close proximity and because our new theatre is so spacious, we are able to continue to take the necessary steps to ensure a safe entertainment venue for our patrons.
We have continued to incorporate all required expectations lined out by the Governor’s Missouri Strong COVID-19 regulations and followed up with them to ensure our plan exceeded their expectations to help us be successful in the opening of our facility to our patrons, friends and family. 

We recognize and understand that there are many concerns about the coronavirus; therefore, we personally want to update you on everything that we are doing to provide a safe environment for all in attendance, volunteers, casts & crews, and what was updated in the new CCP facility:
  • **Newly installed infrared thermometer, "hands-free" temperature monitors for all patrons, volunteers, cast, and crew.
  • Brand new expanded commercial bathrooms by Butzer.
  • **Newly installed "hands-free" sanitizer stations in the new theatre bathrooms.
  • **Newly installed "hands-free" soap dispensers in the new theatre bathrooms.
  • **Newly installed "hands-free" paper towel dispensers in the new theatre bathrooms.
  • **Newly installed "hands-free" trash receptacles.
  • **16 "hands-free" sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility and also at the entrance & exit of the Hawthorn Banks’s Buffet Room.
  • **Newly Purchased Clear Dome Chafer Lids that remain on during buffet service have now been put into place.
  • **2 Newly purchased ULV Disinfectant Sprayer Machines have been purchased and all rooms, furniture, costumes, props, tools, & misc. items are being fogged after each performance, rehearsals, and audition events; the first 2.5 hours every day go towards this task.
  • A Brand New Commercial Catering Kitchen is now operational at the new CCP facility, boasting a new commercial dishwasher that ensures all silverware and glassware are cleaned, sanitized on property and delivered contact free to the patron tables.
  • Our efforts in cleaning the new upgraded venue continue to be stepped up, and we will be disinfecting each seat, handrail, and surface within the theatre prior to opening doors for each performance. The newly purchased ULV disinfectant foggers will be utilized here to accomplish this task.

  • Monthly professional contractual cleaning and pesticide treatment to insure a clean, pest free, and healthy environment.
  • A Brand New Beverage station that now brews all our beverages on site through filtered water
  • Each patron at the beginning of the buffet line will 1st utilize the hand sanitizer located at the entrance of the Hawthorn Bank Buffet Room, then be handed an Environmental PE material, non-toxic, hygienic, no rubber, no odor, plastic disposable glove to utilize on their dominant serving hand.
  • Clear waterproof & dust proof PE pitcher caps with be utilized on all table tea, lemonade, and water pitchers.
  • New shop and building area – all tools and building are contained now in a separate self-contained area
  • New HVAC Industrial commercial units with advanced air filtration professionally installed by our friends at Butzer & Meyer Electric.
  • New GPS Air Cleaning System being installed With Our HVAC by Butzer with over 30 patents and more than 150,000 installations worldwide using our NEEDLEPOINT BIPOLAR IONIZATION technology, also known as NPBI, GPS is truly the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) revolutIONIZER. Our proven technology delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy – producing neither ozone nor other harmful by-products. All our NPBI products are UL and CE approved. Through NPBI, our products purify the air by eliminating airborne Particulates, Odors and Pathogens. All this while saving you 30% on Energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint by reducing outdoor air intake by up to 75%. Engineering Air for a Cleaner WorldTM
  • Patrons are still called one table at a time like normal to the buffet; however, this task is now being taken care by an iPad controlled by the house manger at floor level for maximum efficiency.

  • Patrons are encouraged to have their tickets printed out or brought up on their phone ahead of time for quick scan-in at the Jefferson Bank Box Office, and encouraged to stay in their cars until the doors open at 6pm (evening dinner performances) & 11:30pm (matinee luncheon performances) to the Central Bank Auditorium to ensure no congregation occurs in the lobby. Tables and seats are assigned so there is no need to rush.
  • Tables are 6 feet apart to ensure patrons can get to their seats and maintain social distancing.

  • Table rounds are 6 feet in diameter and seat 8 patrons.

  • Intermission will be extended if needed to allow proper social distancing in the bathrooms.

  • Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn by patrons to and from their table seating and mandatory for all CCP volunteers.

  • Masks are required at all Cast Auditions, Production Rehearsals, and Production Meetings. Masks are worn by all cast and crews when not on stage performing. A “Code of Conduct” has been created and modified to ensure each cast member, volunteer, crew member, are educated in the rules and expectations of the new CCP theatre.
  • CCP has taken up the practice of permanently assigning mics to all actors, ending the practice of ever having to share. When the actor is not in the current production the mic will be stored away with their name on it until they return to the CCP stage.

  • Temps and a newly updated series of quick health questions for each cast/crew are recorded before each Production Rehearsal, Workday, Volunteer Event, and Production Meeting on the CCP Sign-In Sheet
  • CCP will adhere and continue to support all guidelines expressed in the Governor’s “Missouri Strong” plan of action to return the state to some normalcy.  CCP will also continue to exceed these expectations taking the level of protection to a higher level.

  • CCP has worked hand in hand with several theatre boards around the country to share information on all of our precautions we have taken to help them develop a safe opening plan from our model.
CCP is very excited and blessed to be bringing back Arts & Entertainment to Central Missouri as we find our new place in these changing times and are ready to provide much needed quality entertainment and joy to our patrons as we safely perform for you.

We wish to thank all our patrons who have commented to us or posted on our Facebook page how safe and secure they felt during their theatre experience because of all the stringent protocols we are following.

We are equally touched by the overwhelming support we have received from many in the Central Missouri theatre community for the successful opening of our new theatre.

They recognize that Capital City Productions has spared no expense in utilizing every protocol available to make Capital City Productions as safe an environment as possible for our patrons, volunteers and cast & crews. 
Our hopes and prayers go out to all other theatres that they will be able to return to what we all love to do and provide entertainment as soon as possible. We will certainly be there to support them when that time comes.

Until then, CCP extends the invitation to use our facility to the rest of the local theatre community and our friends until other facilities are able to open. Please contact  nategrey@ccpjc.org  for scheduling availability.

CCP is also contracting with "AMPED Sound & Lighting of Jefferson City" to install the necessary equipment to feature certain presentations LIVE and this equipment will be available to groups wishing to do LIVE broadcasts.

We, along with, many of you, are closely following and monitoring all reports issued from the CDC as well as our local and state governmental agencies and will adjust any and all protocols accordingly.
Our hearts at Capital City Productions go out to those around the world who have been directly affected by the tragedy of COVID-19 as well as those confronting enormous daily struggles under the present conditions we face in our society. 

Capital City Productions is committed to do all that we can to mitigate the spread of the virus in our community while returning to some sense of normality as we do our part to manage the curve.  

At this time, all CCP shows are playing as scheduled.

Please be aware of your own health. If you are sick, or even questioning you are sick, please stay home. We will be happy to exchange your tickets for another performance.

T he top priority of Capital City Productions has always been and will always be the safety and well-being of our guests, casts, and volunteers.


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