Spring/Summer | 2022 Issue
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Available to Order Soon From Quadracel®: New Prefilled Syringes and a Change in Formulation
CCPAPP and Sanofi Pasteur would like to inform members of a new presentation and updated formulation of Quadracel® (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine).
What Will Change?
Quadracel will be available in new prefilled syringes made without natural rubber latex. Quadracel will also be changing the source of IPV antigen from MRC-5–derivedIPV (mIPV) to IPV that is derived from Vero cells (vIPV), which aligns with that contained in the Sanofi Pasteur single-entity IPV vaccine.

How Does This Impact Quadracel?
This formulation of Quadracel retains the same dosing schedule, indication, safety, and immunogenicity data as the Quadracel formulation that is currently used. Compared with single-entity alternatives, with Quadracel you can complete a patient’s series of DTaP and IPV vaccination with one fewer injection. Also, by using Sanofi Pasteur DTaP antigen-containing vaccines and Quadracel together, you can have continuity of DTaP antigens across the 5-dose series.

For more information on this announcement, members can review Sanofi Pasteur's Customer Letter and Flashcard.

For questions regarding Sanofi Pasteur's vaccine products, please contact your Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Representative or call Sanofi Pasteur at 1.800.VACCINE (800.822.2463).
Pre-book AstraZeneca's FluMist Today
CCPAPP is pleased to inform members that we have renewed our partnership with AstraZeneca to provide members with access of up to a 14% discount on all FluMist Quadrivalent purchases made during the 2022-2023 season. 
The product pricing will be determined by the date an order is placed, which is listed in the chart below. Members can also access FluMist pricing on CCPAPP's Vendor & Vaccine Pricing page. 
AstraZeneca's FluMist product can be ordered at CCPAPP's contracted rate through:

  • AZ Customer Care at 800.221.1638
  • Online at http://www.azvaccinehub.com (Please select CCPA Purchasing Partners as your practice's preferred Group Purchasing Organization)
  • McKesson or another authorized Distributor 

For questions regarding FluMist, members can contact AstraZeneca's Customer Service at 877.FLU.MIST (877.358.6478)
Increased Discounts on Prevnar
Effective January 1, 2022, Pfizer will offer up to 5% vaccine discounts on Prevnar 13® (Pneumococcal 13-valent Conjugate Vaccine [Diphtheria CRM197 Protein]) and Prevnar 20 (Adult). The increased discount rate applies to both Prevnar 13 and Prevnar 20 orders placed on January 1, 2022 or later.
To be eligible for the Trumenba and/or Prevnar discounts, members need to be enrolled in CCPAPP's agreement with Pfizer and self register on Pfizer’s Contract Membership Portal using these instructions. Members will also need to complete CCPAPP's Vaccine Contracting & Compliance Form. The form can also be completed and submitted online by logging into your member account page

You may view CCPAPP's updated pricing with Pfizer as well as the previous pricing with Pfizer on the Pricing Page of the CCPAPP website. You will need your practice's username and password to access the information. 
For assistance on the self-registration process or for questions regarding CCPAPP's agreement with Pfizer, please contact Sonia Gandara, Member Relations Specialist, at 312.227.7508 or sgandara@ccpapp.org
Merck Announces VAXNEUVANCE
VAXNEUVANCE™ (Pneumococcal 15-valent Conjugate Vaccine) is available to order now at CCPAPP’s contracted price effective April 1, 2022. Merck's VAXNEUVANCE is a vaccine for adults 18 years of age and older to help protect against invasive disease caused by 15 types of pneumococcus.
For additional information on VAXNEUVANCE, members can review Merck's Clinical Overview.

CCPAPP members can order VAXNEUVANCE now through your Merck Vaccine Account Representative, MerckVaccines.com, or through an authorized distributor.

To view CCPAPP's contract pricing with Merck for VAXNEUVANCE and other products,
members can log onto the Pricing Page of the CCPAPP website. You will need your practice's
username and password to access the information.

For questions relating to VAXNEUVANCE and other Merck products, please contact your respective Merck Vaccine Account Representative or call Merck Vaccine Customer Center at 877.VAX.MERCK (877.829.6372).
Take a Stand Against Certain HPV-Related Cancers

Merck launched a new media campaign to encourage parents to help protect their child from certain HPV-related cancers.

As your practice's role is vital in helping parents protect their children, Merck invites you to view their newest TV commercial below.
Featured Vendor Partners
UPrevent™: Infection Prevention
McKesson understands that protecting patients and employees from exposure to disease is a concern for all healthcare facilities. It takes a community of healthcare workers, as well as patients, to prevent infections and with ever-changing guidance, it can be difficult to keep up. 
Created by McKesson's own clinical resource team, the UPrevent infection prevention and control program is a single source for building and enhancing your practice's infection prevention program, including:

  • Recommendations and guidelines for seven key infection prevention areas, collected from public and private sources
  • Featured products within each key area
  • Resource library with additional content on preventing healthcare-associated infections
  • Access to McKesson's clinical resource team
In today’s volatile environment, cybersecurity is an escalating concern for healthcare professionals. Taking appropriate security measures contains several layers, including adequate training and technology, to meet HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Let SummIT help your practice navigate the current landscape to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information. For more information and a free consultation, please email Brett Danis at support@summ-it.com or call at 312.698.9966
Let Warehouse Direct take care of your practice's coffee and break room needs.

Warehouse Direct will help assess your practice's usage and will provide the brewers at no charge as long as CCPAPP members purchase the supplies, coffee, tea, etc. No other requirements are needed. Members can learn more about this program here.

For more information, members can email Steve Taft at stevetaft@warehousedirect.com or call at 847.631.7416.
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