APRIL Parent News
Dear Parents,

The playground dogwoods are blooming and spring if fully here at last! Classroom learning is at full tilt with butterfly, chick, and cicada life cycle discussions and activities. Earth Day celebrations helped the children think about how to care for our planet and our neighborhood. Did you know? Smithsonian scientists estimate that DC will see 1.5 million cicadas per acre--that's a staggering number!

Note: Please remember that your child lives in the present moment. Please do not discuss next school settings or next classrooms until late summer. Let them enjoy their current friends and teachers without any confusion about transitions.

Enjoying the present--what a wonderful idea for all of us! Stop and smell the flowers this spring and thank you for sharing your children with us.
Thank you to our auction winners for bringing these future Early Childhood leaders to our administrative staff!
Director for a Day
Caroline Kenny
Director for a Day
Liesl Hetherington
Director for a Day
Will Van Wie
Free! At Home COVID Tests
New! DC Health has launched a "Test Yourself" program throughout the city. We are distributing these free PCR home test kits. Estimated turnaround is 3-5 days. Easy to use--simply register online, administer test kit at home and drop that day by 8pm at a convenient drop box. There is a drop box at the DC Chevy Chase Public Library A complete list of drop sites can be found online. Ask your classroom teacher for test kits as needed to keep on hand at your home.
Families Helping Families:
A CCPC Outreach Opportunity
Supporting Moms for Mother's Day!
May 3 - 14

The Greater DC Diaper Bank empowers families and individuals in need throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia by providing an adequate and reliable source for basic baby needs and personal hygiene products.

The Greater DC Diaper Bank believes we can create, through actions large and small, collective and individual, a community in which families have all they need to thrive.

Here are two ways our CCPC community can help:
Purchase items from the Baby Pantry list and drop them off at CCPC with your child's teacher. We will make sure all items get delivered to the Diaper Bank.
Shop the Greater DC Diaper Bank's Amazon Wish List. Amazon will send your selections directly to the Diaper Bank.
Openings for
Two Year Olds ´╗┐
in our Blue Sky Program
2, 3 or 5 morning options
for the 2021-22 school year

Please spread to word to parents of little ones that you may know!
Applications are on our website.
Mark Your Calendars
School Closed
Monday, May 31
Friday, June 4
Save the Date
´╗┐Creekside PreK End of Year Celebrations
Families will receive a paperless post invitation for up to 4 people to attend.

Mrs. Purvis' Tree Frogs - Tuesday, June 1
Mrs. Creer's Chameleons - Wednesday, June 2
Mrs. Fredley's Salamanders - Thursday, June 3

Reading Corner
David Leonhardt at The New York Times is looking at two Covid questions people may have heading into summer.

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Springtime CCPC Fun
Earth Day celebrations included visiting with important community workers and a DC "big haul" Trash Truck.

Our eggs are incubating. We must all practice patience until hatching day!
The children love making daily observations as our oh so soft chicks grow and develop.