Dear Parents:

We are off and running in the New Year! It's great to be back at school.

Two important notes:

We hope you will attend our Under the Sea Auction and Party next Saturday, February 8th where you can win fantastic items! Come enjoy all the fun with our wonderful parent community.

Please submit your application for next year now! I want to enroll all current families before we fill spots with new families. Next Friday, January 31st is the deadline.

A big thank you to everyone who dragged a Christmas tree to our playground. The children have created so many play scenarios out of this found material and the scent of pine has been heavenly. The hands-on opportunity to experience the trees and move in, around, and through them has been magical!

What truly GREAT Grown Ups we have at CCPC. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and special friends who played with us and created beautiful art last week. No worries if you missed this time, we will have another opportunity to visit in May.

2020 is off to a fantastic beginning! Remember, I am always available for conversation/consultation about next year, or anything that's on your mind. Pick up the phone or feel free to stop in the office to see me anytime.

See you at Under the Sea at Capital Crab next weekend!
Best Year Ever!
Overall giving and participation hit an all-time high.
What a wonderful community!
Conferences for our Two-year-old and
Three-year-old classes
January 30 & 31
Click here for your teacher's
schedule and conference room
School is OPEN on conference days.

Saturday, February 8
Capital Crab Company 
5534 Connecticut Ave NW

Let the bidding begin! Monday you may register and enter your bids for a full array of fantastic Teacher Experiences, Adult and Family Sign-Up Parties, fabulous vacation homes, restaurant packages and so much more!

Join the fun at our annual parent party to celebrate our school.
Is your child too sick for school?

'Tis the Season for Illness!
DC is experiencing a city-wide flu outbreak

  • Please keep your child at home for a full 24 hours AFTER they are symptom free. Children easily pass their virus to all their friends (and even their teachers).
  • Please tell your teacher if your child has been at school and then developed an illness. We all need to respect this policy in order to promote the best overall health for our community. We will send out notices to families in the same age groups (who share big room and playground time) if there is a contagious illness at school.

Thank you being considerate of our entire community in promoting good health.
Big Feelings...we all have them!

Following up on our Winter Parent Coffee discussion on "Challenging Behaviors" with speaker Gabriele Nicolet, here is a great article. Click on this link to read
Our Spring Parent Coffee and Discussion will explore Managing Screen Time.
Mark your calendar now for Wednesday, April 1 .