JUNE Parent News
Dear Parents:
The last week of school always is such a whirlwind of activity, so joyful and also bittersweet as we say goodbye not only to our amazing graduates, but also to their parents who have been a part of the CCPC community for so long. We also take this week to celebrate our teachers, whose hard work and devotion to the children is at the heart of our work.

I wish each of you a Covid-free summer filled with happy and relaxing times with those you most love. To those families at the end of their CCPC journey, please stay in touch and send your kids back to visit! To all those who will return, we can't wait for another fun-filled year of learning and love at our beloved school.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!
Creekside Graduation and
End of Year Ceremonies
Mark Your Calendars for Next School Year
School Forms Due
Friday, July 1

Class Visiting Days
Wednesday, September 7
Thursday, September 8

Back to School Night
Tuesday, September 27
We look forward to welcoming returning families on
Monday, September 12.