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Face Covering requirements for Craven County Schools Employees
All employees are required to wear a cloth face covering with ear loops (no neck gaiters, no bandanas, no scarves)

Governor Cooper made cloth face coverings a requirement in Executive Order 147. Wearing a face covering is about protecting others in case you have COVID-19 and do not have symptoms. Your face covering may also protect you from respiratory droplets that others expel when talking, laughing, sneezing or coughing.

Craven County Schools must meet the requirements set forth by NC DHHS in the StongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12). In an effort to keep employees and students safe, and reflect the most up-to-date research on this topic, Craven County Schools has elected to be more protective, therefore we are setting more stringent guidelines for cloth face coverings.

The expectation for all employees of Craven County Schools is that cloth face coverings with ear loops will be worn when entering or working* in any Craven County Schools building, bus or other vehicle. These same requirements apply to areas outside buildings when social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.* An employee working alone in their private office or classroom may work without a covering until such time that another person enters the space or they have to leave the space to go elsewhere in the building.

A covering with earloops is the type of cloth face covering required by Craven County Schools. The covering must be at least 2-ply, but 3 layers of fabric are preferred. The covering should fit snugly over the nose, around the cheeks and under the chin. There should be no gaps as these allow respiratory droplets and viral particles to flow around the covering. Ear loops allow the user to safely remove the covering without exposing the fingers to the outside surface of the covering which is considered dirty or contaminated. coverings that tie are harder to remove without contaminating either the fingers or the front of the shirt. Lanyards allow the dirty side of the covering to sit on the chest, thereby contaminating the front of the shirt and are strongly discouraged.  

CDC recommendations early in the spread of CoVID-19 stressed the need to wear cloth face coverings. Studies have now been done that show neck gaiters, bandanas and scarves to be sub-optimal means of protection and may even contribute to the spread of the virus as large viral particles split into smaller ones and are suspended in the air longer and more easily inhaled through the thin layers.

The biggest concern with these coverings is their thickness, or lack thereof. Gaiters are usually one very thin layer and allow free air flow. This makes them great for their original intention, but not so great at protecting the persons nearby or the wearer from viral spread. Neck gaiters also vary in how snugly they fit near the ears and often slide down and require the wearer to pull them back up frequently, resulting in dirty fingers. Bandanas are also very thin, even when folded into two layers and they are open at the bottom. An effective covering fits around the cheeks and under the chin snugly. Bandanas do not fit snugly so the wearer is potentially expelling viral particles and can easily inhale viral particles from others. Scarves are thin and typically open underneath and offer very little protection for persons nearby or the wearer.

Low-cost measurement of facecovering efficacy for filtering expelled droplets during speech.

Visualizing the effectiveness of face coverings in obstructing respiratory jets.
Are Lanyards for Mask a Good Idea??????

Kids seem to lose stuff so you may think a lanyard is a good idea for your students to hang their masks around their neck when not wearing it. The outside of the mask is a germ catcher!!! Particles from other students breath, cough or sneeze collect there. When removing a mask, you should not touch the outside. So hanging a mask down on the chest by a lanyard then spreads those germs onto your shirt. Now you have a germ covered mask and a germ covered shirt.
The best practice is to remove your mask by only handling it by the straps that go around your ears. You should place your dirty mask on a paper towel with the dirty side down. Another great idea is to use a “gift bag” with handles. You can hang the mask from the handles inside the gift bag. 
Masks are dirty so don’t handle them and wash them OFTEN.
Traveling out of State?
If you plan to travel out of the state of North Carolina, you must complete the form “Travel Assessment Form for Staff” prior to the trip. The completed form should be sent to or call 252-571-9267. 
Staff Support from Integrated Family Services
Free 30 minute sessions for Teachers!

Craven County Schools is partnering with Integrated Family Services to provide additional support to our staff. It is understandable that you have a lot going on and could use some extra support or ways to help some of the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing due to having to “reinvent the wheel” of teaching. As our school-based provider, Integrated Family Services has reached out and wants to help provide support and insight due to their experience with working with individuals virtually. 

IFS will be offering the following FREE 30 minute sessions during the week of August 31st.  
  •  Tips for Engaging and Managing Virtual Engagement will be held every day from 3PM to 330PM Monday through Thursday 
  •  How to Turn it Off! Tips for Preventing Burn Out will be held everyday from 4PM to 4:30PM Monday through Thursday  

Please review the dates and times and email with the date and time you would like to attend to receive the link.   

Please be sure to register by 08/26/2020

Parent Tech Support Line
The Parent Tech Support line will be available M-F from 8am to 4pm beginning on Aug 17.  
After contacting the school level tech team, families can reach out to the Parent Tech Support Line for additional help at 252-514-6392 or at Hours of the Parent Tech Support line may vary depending on need.

Tech Services Staff Placements
Here is the schedule for our technicians. They are assigned to your school in the morning and based on needs and tech requests they may travel between sites in the afternoons. This is subject to change based on need, district projects, and being assigned to the Parent Tech Support HelpLine.

M=TPE, T=GCF, W=JTB, and Th=ORA, Friday= Flex


M=HES, T=HHS, W=HMS/ECE Th=RBA, Friday = Flex

M=JWS, T=WCHS, W=WCMS, TH=VFL, Friday = Flex

M=BES, T=HJM, W=BME, Th=CES, Friday = Flex

M=GAB, T=TCM, W=AWE, TH=WJG, Friday = Flex
Zoom Updates

We are working with Zoom to find additional ways to improve our virtual learning environments. As we adjust settings to optimize safety and convenience we will keep you informed on any changes that these may cause. Click Here for a folder with “how to” guides on logging in and keeping your sessions safe. 

Currently, the Zoom app is available for students from 7AM to 8PM (M-F).
Staff Annual Training Course
(renamed from Teacher Annual Training Courses)

The required annual staff trainings on Asthma, Diabetes, Bloodborne Pathogens, Seizures, Return to Learn After a Concussion, and the Critical Incident Video are now being delivered through a Canvas Course “Teacher Annual Training Course”.
There is also a module on Human Trafficking to meet the new state requirement beginning in 2020. All school districts are required to provide a 2 hour training every other year on this topic. 

Please go to to complete the training. Once you open the course, click on “modules” on the left to see the entire course.  

You may work at your own pace to complete this course but are encouraged to complete it during the first month of school. Administrators have been given access as a “teacher” so that they can monitor your progress. You will receive .65 CEUs for completion.

Substitute teachers have a different training which they can access from the Craven County Schools website under “staff resources”.
Please share this Webinar with your parents made available from
Military Child Education Coalition
Organization Tips for Your Unorganized Student

This webinar is available for all students.
To register please click here.
Please remember to share with your staff the need to enter updated contact information into the Contact Information Data Base. If you have new staff members they will need their UID number and password to access the data base.
By entering their contact information, this will ensure they receive your staff notifications and district notifications distributed through BlackBoard via phone and text. The link to access the data base is located at:
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