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When am I going to get my vaccination?

Many have asked for clarification regarding when school system employees will be able to get vaccinated. In early January, we were listed in the CDC’s and North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Resources’ Group 1b as were all “essential workers” and were beginning to be scheduled by the Craven County Health Department (CCHD) to get vaccinations against COVID-19. Very few appointments were available due to the extremely low supply of vaccine in our state and nation. Almost immediately, the CDC and NC DHHS issued new guidance which placed essential workers in Group 3. The following is an excerpt from the CCHD press release on January 14 explaining our new place in line as essential workers:

New Bern, N.C. - The Craven County Health Department updated the local COVID-19 vaccination plan in accordance with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) plan that directly aligns with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. The CDC announced new guidance this week regarding individuals 65 years of age and older. The NCDHHS has recategorized priority populations into groups. Craven County is currently vaccinating Groups 1 and 2. 
• Group 1 – Health care workers fighting COVID-19 and Long-Term care staff and residents 
• Group 2 – Older adults ▪ Anyone 65 years of age or older, regardless of health status or living situation. 
• Group 3 – Frontline essential workers ▪ The CDC defines frontline essential workers as workers who are in sectors essential to the functioning of society and who are at substantially higher risk for exposure to COVID-19.

As of this time, CCHD is still vaccinating individuals in Group 2. The vaccine supply remains very limited. The CCHD and CCS leaders are working together and will notify all school system employees when they may begin getting vaccinated. 
Congratulations to the following PIE Grant Winners~
2021 United Way Kickoff Campaign 

Since 1957, we've relied on our partnerships with local businesses to sustain our vital work. The support, leadership, and resources that local businesses offer are essential to achieving our goals and bringing sustainable change to lives in Carteret, Craven, Jones and Pamlico Counties. Participating in a United Way Campaign in your workplace gives your business and employees the opportunity to learn about our community’s needs and gives every person the opportunity to be involved in finding solutions.
We invite you to become a game changer and a hand raiser for improving education, health care and financial stability for all. You can LIVE UNITED and help rally support for our agencies and programs.
This year United Way has designed a virtual way for individuals to donate. Check out the online virtual pledge form …..It’s a very simple way to donate on our secure website by payroll deduction, credit card or check. No paperwork!.

Visit the United Way Coastal NC site if you have any further questions
CTE is Celebrated In February Career and Technical Education Month! 

Career and Technical Education Month, or CTE Month, is a public awareness campaign to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country. Here in Craven County Schools, we are proud of the CTE programs, courses, and opportunities available to our middle school and high school students, from business and marketing courses, to health science courses, to engineering and drafting, manufacturing and robotics, drones, EMT, firefighting, and STEM just to name a few. Our CTE courses give purpose to learning for students by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge! #cte #nccte #CTEforNC #WeAreCTE 
Contact the CTE Career Development Coordinator for your attendance zone for more information about CTE: 
Havelock HS, Early College East HS, Tucker Creek MS and Havelock MS: 
Mr. Snead 
Email: jeff.snead@cravenk12org 
New Bern HS, Craven Early College HS, Grover C. Fields MS and HJ MacDonald MS: 
Mrs. Prescott 
West Craven HS and West Craven MS: 
Mrs. McMillen 
Virtual Coaching for Craven LIVE Teachers 

Craven LIVE Teachers are being offered additional support from Apple Professional Learning Specialists and Kelly Williamson bi-weekly on Mondays. To sign up for a personalized coaching session, click here for more details.
Back-Up Tip!
Have you ever noticed the “AutoSave” button when working in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel?
By turning this to “on” you will automatically send a copy of this file to your OneDrive account. This file will be available on your computer but will also update in the cloud (OneDrive) every time you make a change. Even if something happens to your computer, the file is safe.

Plus…this will also allow you to work on the document even if you don’t have Internet access. When your computer regains Internet connectivity, the file will sync to OneDrive and your changes are now up to date!
Apple Professional Learning February 10 - All About Clips! 

The Digital Learning Department is offering Apple Professional Learning on Wednesday, February 10. The sessions will be offered all day during different time slots. Pick your level and get started learning more about the Clips app! Register here. 
N.C. State University – Teacher Education Programs 

NCSU Online Teacher Education programs 
Are you interested in specializing in elementary mathematics education or elementary science education and become a leader in your school, district, or state? 
Advance your career with a Master of Education degree with NC State’s College of Education, and earn an add-on specialist designation to your teaching license. 
Choose from two online Teacher Education programs to start in Summer 2021: 
If you are interested in our Mathematics M.Ed., we are hosting an Information session on February 22 at 5:00. Please fill out this Google form, and we will send a Zoom link to join the session. 
If you are interested in the Science M.Ed., we are hosting an information session on March 1 at 5:00. Please fill out this Google form and we will send a Zoom link to join the session. 
Our programs offer: 
• Reduced tuition rates (1/2 the cost of traditional graduate tuition) at one of the nation’s best values among public universities 
• Flexibility and convenience, with evening classes taught by nationally recognized faculty who have also taught in elementary schools 
• Meaningful and relevant courses that you can apply to your own classroom 
• Preparation to be a science leader in your school, local, state or national levels; informal science settings; curriculum development programs; or to feed directly into doctoral studies. (Over 80 percent of our alumni who participated in our similar mathematics specialist program today serve in a leadership roles). 
Check out our website for program details! 
For more information, contact Dr. Sarah J. Carrier, Elementary Education Program Coordinator at North Carolina State University at or write to schedule a phone call with any questions about this program or support with the application process. 
NC ELA educators are invited to participate in NCELAReads, a two-week study, to discuss particular articles to share ideas, ask questions, and share resources. These studies are offered through a private Facebook group. NCELAReads follows a Text, Talk, Take structure where participants read texts, answer questions to talk about them, and browse free resources to take to deepen their learning.   
The topic of this NCELAReads will explore reading digital, complex texts. Given the current conditions and increased use of technology, teachers everywhere are incorporating digital texts in the classroom. And, with the Priority Instructional Content’s emphasis on learning to read, close reading, and reading volume, more attention may be needed with helping students to read these digital, complex texts. This NCELAReads will extend from the December issue of the ELA SCOOP and focus on supporting students in reading and comprehending digital, complex texts. 
Request membership to the February NCELAReads. Need the clickpath to get there instead? Follow the steps below! 
2) Click on "Groups from the NC English Language Arts Facebook page. 
3) Select the NCELAReads group(s) you wish to join and submit your request. 
Once we receive your request to join, you will be given access. If you have any questions, please contact the ELA Team
Using Graphic Organizers in the Formative Assessment Process 

In October 2020, we surveyed teachers to find out more about how they are using formative assessment to support student science learning. We had 261 responses from across the state. Some of the questions we asked included: 
What strategies were used? 
Why were they chosen? 
How were they implemented? 
What was the impact on diverse learners? 
How did teachers determine effectiveness? 
Educators identified graphic organizers as a widely-used formative assessment strategy. During remote instruction, many teachers used a variety of digital tools including Canvas, Zoom, Jamboard, Google Docs, and Google Slides to deliver this strategy. 
Graphic organizers are visual guides that allow students to organize information and demonstrate learning of the vocabulary and key concepts. Most respondents believed this strategy can be used throughout the formative assessment process. Graphic organizers can be used to elicit students’ prior knowledge before instruction. They can be used by students to actively process information throughout instruction. They can be used by students after instruction to evaluate depth of learning, and to identify areas where remediation may be necessary. 
Students can also use the graphic organizer to summarize key concepts based on their own learning. This strategy reinforces vocabulary and allows for students to organize their own information to suit their own learning needs. Graphic organizers can provide students with special learning needs multiple examples to master learning objectives. Some of these examples are representing the content visually, using various editable documents, and making changes with instant feedback. Finally, students that use graphic organizers improve their understanding of content and achieve higher test scores.  
For more information about graphic organizers refer to the two links below. 
Upcoming Professional Development Training and Community Events

Need Digital Assets

The 4-H Curriculum Website is growing its digital assets for educators. This month Soil Solutions (3rd grade) and Soil to Seed (high school) will be added.
Professional Development Training 3rd Grade 

Soil solutions brims with hands-on science lessons that utilize local landscape to connect students to the world of soils and plants in an inviting and relevant way. We will go through the curriculum and showcase the digital assets educators can use with their youth. This aligns to Ecosystems. 
Professional Development Training: High School Environmental Science

From the food we eat, to the water we drink, to the places where we live and play, soil erosion and sedimentation profoundly affects our everyday lives. Soil to Seed is designed to cultivate high school aged-youth in understanding the principles of erosion and sediment control. We will go through the curriculum and showcase the digital assets educators can use with their youth. This aligns with high school environmental science standards. 

Registration Open for Nature Adventures

Are you an educator looking to spice up your spring education plan with fun virtual learning opportunities for your students? Nature Adventures is a 6-part series of 45-minute educational sessions for the spring semester developed and taught by professional Environmental Educators from North Carolina's 4-H Camps on natural science topics for grades 2 through 7. Take a virtual field trip to the coast to learn about Black Bears, use your senses on a night hike to explore the adaptations of nocturnal animals, learn about the night sky, find out why butterflies are so important for pollination, and more! This program is provided for FREE to teachers and families. All programs are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (forthcoming) and are presented live over Zoom. Can't make the live event? Register for the recording and go at your own pace! Register an entire class or individual students. REGISTER HERE. 
Pear Deck Premium

Teachers who are interested in a Pear Deck Premium subscription and are willing to attend a customized professional development session should fill out this Interest Form. The deadline is Friday, February 12, 2021 at 5:00 pm. This is optional. 

Extraordinary Educator of Excellence
Cherita Lassiter

The Exceptional Children Division at NCDPI has created a new way for districts to recognize outstanding educators, related service personnel and special education support staff providing services to students with disabilities during this unprecedented time.  
We would like to congratulate our second of three Extraordinarily Exceptional Educators for CCS. Cherita Lassiter has been recognized by Oaks Road Academy for being instrumental to the success of many of her EC students during remote learning. 
Thank you, Ms. Lassiter! 

Board Appointment 
Nataleigh Fabian 
Congratulations to Nataleigh Fabian,  
EC teacher at HHS, as she has been appointed as a New Board Member for North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children and also as a CEC Regional Representative for the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (Southeast Region which includes Craven County). 
Random Moment Time Study: Completion Required

In order to ensure the integrity of the Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) program, it is important that your district’s sampled participants complete the online Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) form. As a reminder, North Carolina Medicaid requires each district MUST reach a minimum time study participation level of 85% each quarter or your district’s MAC funding could be jeopardized. In addition, all sampled moments MUST be completed within 7 calendar days in order to count towards the 85% requirement.

It is essential that the process is completed so that a MAC claim can be field on behalf of each district on a timely basis. Please be reminded of the importance of completing online Time Studies as soon as you are notified.
IRS Travel Rate Update

The IRS standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service is 56 cents per mile effective January 1, 2021. The State reimbursement rate for state employees is 56 cents per mile when using a personal vehicle for state business when the trip does not exceed 100 miles per trip. For business travel trips that utilize personal vehicles and exceed 100 miles per trip, the employee shall be reimbursed at a rate that would not exceed 33 cents a mile.


Complete the FAFSA- Meet College Deadlines for Grants & Scholarships 
Do you have a student in the Class of 2021 who plans to attend a 2- or 4-year college in 2021-22? If so, act immediately to be awarded grants and scholarships. Complete the FAFSA now! College financial aid deadlines vary so don’t miss out. Resources are available if you need help with the FAFSA. Call your school counselor and/or visit the Craven Community College links to virtual assistance. 
Local Organizations Offer Scholarships to Craven County School Students 
2021 Graduates: It’s scholarship season! The scholarship bulletin is available and updated daily with local scholarships- from $250 up to $10,000. Varying deadlines beginning this month. 
The Craven County School’s College Advising and Scholarship website lists military, state, national and college-specific scholarships.  

Attend College at Craven Community College- Learn How
Class of 2021: Attend a virtual meeting with Craven Community College admissions and financial aid experts. Learn how to apply and earn scholarships to earn a 2-year degree, diploma or certificate to join the workforce. 
February 10: from 1-2 pm and 5-6 pm on Zoom 

The Families in the Know Newsletter is distributed every Friday evening via text and email to our families. To view the publication distributed on Friday, February 5th click here.
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