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Remote Learning Information and Resources for Teachers & Admin

Each school and the district has a new tab on their website dedicated to Remote Learning. This information is available for families, students and staff. To access the information for staff please be sure you are logged in to the website so you can view the staff tab. The information is located at:
Reminder for Staff Zoom Use

As you implement the use of Zoom with students, please remember:

  • Share and remind students of the “Expectations of Zoom Use by Students” at the beginning of your first few sessions.
  • Record your Zoom sessions.
  • Mute students at the very beginning of all sessions.  
  • Consider unmuting students one at a time to share questions and comments.
  • Let them know in the beginning if you want them to alert you via the Chat option or by raising their hands on camera.
  • Be prepared to turn off student cameras/videos immediately if you notice an issue.
  • Be aware of your surroundings/background when on camera.
  • Dress appropriately for professional setting.  
  • Contact parents of any inappropriate student behavior while in Zoom sessions. Repetitive and more serious behavior will also need to be reported to your administrator(s).
  • Remind students that the use of Zoom is a privilege.
  • Be mindful of other tabs you have open as well as any pop-up notifications you have turned on If you share your screen with students.
  • Utilize the Chat feature so that students can ask questions and provide lesson feedback (plus/deltas).
 Be mindful of your actions on camera. Remember that students are watching and we do not want to cause unnecessary disruptions.  

Staff Email Updates:
Starting next week, you should notice the word “External” in the subject line in some of your emails. This is indicating that the email you’ve received did not originate from a Craven County Schools email. By seeing this, we hope it will raise caution and awareness of possible phishing or malware attempts. Here is an example:
Many have inquired if Spring Break will still take place based on our current school closures and the Board of Education approved at their most recent meeting to keep Spring Break as is on our 2019-2020 school calendars for our families and staff.

The dates are as follows:
Traditional and Modified Calendars-
April 10th-April 19th

JTB Year Round Calendar-
March 30-April 3rd-Extended Learning
April 6th-April 19th- No School
EC Corner:
A special shout out to ALL EC Staff for stepping outside the traditional box to provide services for our EC students. We are navigating uncharted waters and are learning as we go. 
Remember with regard to the provision of services, a combination of supplemental aids and supports plus direct instruction is a good example of how specially-designed instruction could be delivered during a prolonged school closure. It is unlikely that one of these variables alone would be sufficient. 
“FAPE may include, as appropriate, special education and related services provided through distance instruction provided virtually, online or telephonically.” (NCDPI update)
Take home packets are used for practice or homework but do not constitute specially designed instruction.
Be sure to include Homebound students in your service delivery.
There have been confidentiality and privacy concerns with the provision of virtual services for SWDs. NCDPI EC has contacted the Office of Civil Rights and will provide a comprehensive document. Practice our guidance of no names or pictures until further notice. 
Remember progress reports need to go out with report cards.
Resources for Military Families
Military Family Life Counselors
Active duty military  parents  may contact the Craven County Military Family Life Counselors directly for support. These counselors are available for (active military-connected) students based at the following schools: Ben D. Quinn, Grover C. Fields Middle, Brinson Memorial, Creekside, WJ Gurganus, Tucker Creek Middle, Roger Bell, Graham A Barden. Contact information is provided on the Military Families button on the Craven County Schools website and all school websites.

MCCS Cherry Point School Liaison
Please also encourage families to follow the MCCS Cherry Point School Liaison's page on Facebook for regular updates.  
Military One Source: TeleHealth and other Resources for Military Families

  Military OneSource Provides COVID-19 Resources to Military Families

Posted on 3/26/2020
The Pentagon’s online and call center resource,  Military OneSource , has added new services to provide tools to service members, military spouses, and other dependents during the coronavirus pandemic,  DOD memo recently outlined .

New services include an online directory of up-to-date information about COVID-19 geared toward military families, virtual non-medical counseling for children, and providing live Facebook videos to overview highlight program resources.
“Our families can feel confident about finding official information and guidance on our websites and social media platforms. While we have made necessary changes in response to this pandemic, one thing remains the same – our commitment to serving our military community,” said Kim Joiner, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy. 

Military OneSource is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
School Reassignment and Release Forms for 2020-2021
These forms will be available on the Craven County Schools Website on April 20, 2020. All reassignment forms are due by June 1, 2020. We are working on a plan for parents to submit their requests electronically this year.
Craven Community College Update
Beginning Tuesday, March 31, the great majority of Craven Community College’s curriculum classes will be moved completely online, and will remain so for the rest of the Spring semester. The College’s physical campuses will remain closed to students and the public except by appointment. 
Students need to check their student email account as soon as possible for updates from instructors on how to proceed in their new online learning environment.
Unfortunately, many of our classes that require hands-on skills instruction cannot be transitioned online. Continuation of these courses is being managed by the faculty on a case by case basis in accordance with the type of instruction that must be made up and the allowable protocols for doing so.
·      Workforce development classes that require hands-on instruction cannot be transitioned to online; these courses have been postponed indefinitely. Students enrolled in workforce development classes should contact 252-444-8204 for more information on the status of specific classes.
·      Students in curriculum industrial program classes should contact their instructors for additional information regarding options for making up missed classes to include hands-on labs.
·      Students in curriculum health programs classes should contact their instructors for additional information regarding options for making up missed classes to include clinicals.
The College will continue to send updates, via email and social media, with more information as it becomes available.
Individual course instructors are serving as the primary points of contact for student questions and concerns. However, the College has many additional Academic Support and Student Services resources available to assist them:
 ·      Student Help Desk –
·      Online Support –
·      Library Services – or
·      Academic Advising –
·      Financial Aid and Scholarships –
·      Class Withdrawal –
Career and Technical Education is working with DPI and credentialing vendors to still be able to provide students the opportunity to earn their credential this semester. Additional information will be forthcoming as we learn more about these opportunities. For questions, please contact Holly Tolston, Director of Career and Technical Education, at .

The employee transfer list is now open through June 15, 2020. Before placing your name on the transfer list using the link below, an employee MUST inform his/her present supervisor of the desire to transfer to another location/department. Principals/Supervisors will have immediate access to the transfer list and will make contact if interested in scheduling an interview. 

Any employee interested in transferring to another site/position should plan to attend the Employee Recruitment Fair at New Bern High School on April 25, 2020 from 9:30 to 12:00. All administrators and supervisors will be there to meet potential employees and discuss opportunities for next year. After June 15, 2020, transfers can only occur with consent of both administrators. Keep in mind, administrative transfers can occur at any point and there is a chance that we may transfer teachers based on changes in allotted positions.

After speaking with the principal/supervisor, an employee may add his/her name to the transfer list. All principal are able to view the transfer list at the following site:

Feel free to contact HR with questions regarding the transfer process.
Contact Prudential If You have Questions Concerning Your 401k, 403b or 457 plans.

Due to the health issues we’re facing, Cecilia Fields with Prudential has several days open this month and in April for virtual meetings. If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting with Cecilia, you can go to her scheduling link and pick whatever day and time is more convenient for your schedule.

Please use the following link to schedule a virtual consultation:
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