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The employee transfer list is now open through June 15, 2020 . Before placing your name on the transfer list using the link below, an employee MUST inform his/her present supervisor of the desire to transfer to another location/department. Principals/Supervisors will have immediate access to the transfer list and will make contact if interested in scheduling an interview. 

After June 15, 2020 , transfers can only occur with consent of both administrators. Keep in mind, administrative transfers can occur at any point and there is a chance that we may transfer teachers based on changes in allotted positions.

After speaking with the principal/supervisor, an employee may add his/her name to the transfer list. All principal are able to view the transfer list at the following site:

Feel free to contact HR with questions regarding the transfer process.
NC Community College System and NC Department of Public Instruction Joint Statement of Support for
NC's Public School Students
In the uncertain times created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NC Community College System and the NC Department of Public Instruction are working collaboratively to ensure that North Carolina students continue to have high-quality educational opportunities. North Carolina’s community colleges are open-door institutions, committed to serving all students in pursuit of higher education and workforce preparation beyond high school.
“Many of our graduates had concerns that this crisis could disrupt their next steps,” said Mark Johnson, state superintendent. “I am proud of our work with the community college system to help students move forward with their education. Community colleges’ open-door admission policies ensure that any student will be eligible, regardless of test scores and grade point averages. Graduates should not let this pandemic disrupt their next steps.”
“Despite the upheaval of the past few months, we want students to know that we will do everything possible to serve them and ensure that their future educational path is a smooth one,” said Peter Hans, president of the NC Community College System. “Community colleges are beefing up advising and career services to help students as they navigate their way forward.”
Although the health crisis has raised many questions regarding college admissions, the NC Community College System and the NC Department of Public Instruction want to reassure students that the disruption that occurred in the spring of 2020 won’t delay or negatively impact their path toward further education and career opportunities. While we continue to adapt instruction to meet the current challenges, our priority is to support North Carolina’s students as they continue their education.
English Language Arts
Upcoming Online Ashbrook Seminar
Linked below is a professional learning opportunity available for Social Studies and English Language Arts educators for grades 7-12. NCDPI, in collaboration with the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, will host a seminar on Reconstructing the South: Documents and Debates in American History on Thursday, June 18, 2020. All registered participants will receive a link for the seminar approximately one week prior to the event.  
The opportunity to participate in the seminar is open to teachers that teach any of the classes listed below:
7th grade ELA
8th grade SS
8th grade ELA
English I-IV
American History I
American History II
This online seminar is limited to 20 participants.  Register for this seminar Download a flyer to learn more about this opportunity.
PE/Health Teachers PD Zoom Session
PE/Health teachers can share their ideas, struggles and plans for remote instruction through a zoom meeting on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 10 am. See the link for the details and zoom invitation. There will be breakout rooms for the elementary, middle and high school groups.

Virtual Resources for Health and PE
In response to COVID-19 SHAPE America has created a collection of resources to help you continue to provide high-quality, standards-based lessons. These resources may be adapted, repurposed or used as you see fit to best meet the unique needs of your students. Resources include:
Remote Teaching Tips
Online Physical Education Guidance
Mind & Body Calendars
CDC Guidance and Resources
Technology Tutorials
At--Home Fitness Ideas
Health and Physical Education Resources
Self Care
 Please visit SHAPE America to learn more
EC Corner

Next EC Division meeting is June 5, 2020. Sessions will be 8:30-9:30 and 10:15-11:15. Zoom links will be forthcoming.

Teachers please have your data managers email Lynn Hardison as new students enroll in your schools for next school year. If you have had new students enroll since we began remote learning, please forward the names of those students and the grade in which they will be for the 20-21 school year.

SLD Training :

SLD Staff Development: Our School Psychologists will be providing Specific Learning Disability Training. There are two sessions. Session 1 will cover the SLD Policy and Data Mapping Template. Session 2 will cover Progress Monitoring, Goal Setting, and Rate of Improvement. Here are the session dates/times:

Session 1:
June 1st 2:00-3:30 Join Zoom Meeting:

June 4th 2:00-3:30 Join Zoom Meeting:

Session 2:  

June 9th 2:00-3:30 Join Zoom Meeting:

June 11th 9:00-10:30  (Join Zoom Meeting:

June 11th 1:00-2:30 (extra session as needed)
( Join Zoom Meeting: )

EC teachers are required to attend one date for Session one and two. 

This training is open to regular education teachers, counselors and administrators as well. A Sea System will be forthcoming.
North Carolina Public School personnel are invited to participate in End-of-the-Year Round Tables facilitated by NCDPI. Discussions will be general such as lessons learned this school year and goals for next school year. Space is limited. Please see the events below and register if you'd like to participate. 
Technology Updates
Your files should be backed up regularly to the cloud. Our cloud backup services include Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. As your computers need repaired or replaced, your files should be safe and accessible in a cloud service.

Also, remind your students that any files they may need in the future should also be moved to a cloud storage system.  Seniors will need to move their files to a personal storage platform before the last day of school.
Zoom Update:
Zoom needs to be updated by May 30. The update has been pushed to iPads automatically. To update Zoom on your MacBook, follow these steps:
Open Zoom and find
“Check for Updates”
On the next screen select, “Update”
Then, follow the prompts.
Self Care Because We Care

Feeling stressed? You take care of others because it’s in your nature but sometimes you need to stop and breathe for a moment. We often neglect our own mental health while serving others. Take some time and visit for recorded webinars on Finding Balance in Disorienting Times, Comprehensive Self-Care for Educators, and Navigating Uncertainty: Stress Management for Educators. 
Taking care of you will make a big difference in all aspects of your life.
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