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In light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, our primary concern is maintaining a safe workplace and encouraging practices to protect the health of our employees, students and our community. While we want to ensure the continuity of our work during this pandemic, we are asking all employees to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases in the workplace and in our community.

Any employee traveling out of state should complete a COVID-19 Travel Assessment Form prior to travel. This form is sent to Luanne Mack ( for review. Each travel event is assessed based on mode of travel, event in which the employee is participating and the level of COVID-19 risk at the destination of travel. Based on a review of the reported travel, a memo will be sent to the employee with details regarding if quarantining will be necessary upon return from travel. The memo will give directions relative to next steps and if other documents need to be completed. When we return to Plan B, employees will need to apply for appropriate leave during the quarantine period. Please continue to take the precautions relative to protection from COVID exposure. It is imperative that you contact the lead nurse, Amy Heflin, immediately should you have a known exposure to a symptomatic or COVID-positive person or if you develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Student iPads 
Please remind your students to keep their iPads on as much as possible, even at home. Apps, configurations, and policies are updated all the time and those updates will not get to the iPad unless it is charged and connected to the Internet.
Calculator Webinars from Accountability Services-Filling Up Fast!

Please help ensure this message reaches all math teachers, math interventionists, math coaches, administrators, etc. Webinars include applications and tools for remote learning, activities for synchronous learning, ideas for student engagement, activities that encourage critical thinking/problem solving, and how to effectively integrate the online calculator into daily lessons. This workshop is presented by Dave Sobol, who is Desmos-certified.
•Wednesday, September 30 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm – graphing calculator for Grade 8 and high schools
Register using this link –
Professional Learning

The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching presents professional opportunities for math in October. Act now before these opportunities are filled!

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Educator Wellness Workshop is being held virtually on Tuesday, September 29th from 4:30-5:15. This will focus on desk yoga, focused breathing, and standing yoga. Valerie Nassar and Laurs Lambert encourage you to join us in whatever you are comfortable wearing and from the comfort of your own home. E-mail Ashlee DeCamp with any questions. Zoom information.


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MTSS Virtual Resource Room
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Employee Benefits Update -
Open Enrollment information for tobacco users

This action is ONLY for tobacco users who want to reduce their monthly premium by
$60 per month in 2021. If an employee is NOT a tobacco user, they will simply need to
attest to that during the online Open Enrollment process, which is October 15th through
October 31st.
Please remember you have until November 30, 2020, to visit your Primary Care
Provider or a CVS MinuteClinic to complete a tobacco cessation counseling session in
order to earn your premium credit for 2021. In past years, since Craven County has no
CVS MinuteClinics within 25 miles, the State Health Plan allowed exceptions for
attending the cessation counseling session. THERE WILL BE NO MORE
It’s also important that you visit the Plan’s website and print off instructions for your
provider to ensure your tobacco attestation counseling session is FREE and is billed
correctly. (If you combine the tobacco cessation visit with another service, there may be
a copay.) This document is not required for the visit, it’s simply a suggestion to ensure
the visit is billed correctly.

2020 Annual Benefits Enrollment 
The annual enrollment period for Craven County Schools Benefits Plan will be October 5, 2020 through November 13, 2020. A Pierce Group Benefits Counselor will be contacting you very soon to schedule a virtual group briefing for annual enrollment. All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. This virtual briefing will last approximately fifteen minutes and we appreciate your help in allowing these briefings to be scheduled. An online sign-up sheet for onsite individual enrollment sessions will be provided to you and your staff by your Benefits Counselor following the group briefing.
 In addition, an employee letter will be sent to all employees within the district on the first day of annual enrollment. It will provide detailed information and communicate expectations regarding the annual enrollment period. The Pierce Group Benefits Counselor will provide you site specific information to relay to your staff.
Please be sure that all eligible employees are informed of open enrollment. Elections made during the enrollment period may not be changed during the plan year. The only exception is for a family status change as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. A plan change due to a family status change must be initiated within 30 days of the qualifying event. If an employee is on a current leave during the open enrollment period, they will not be allowed to sign up for benefits at this time. An employee on leave will have 30 days upon their return to sign up.
Your cooperation with this process is most appreciated.
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