May 2018
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Happy Trails,
Reese Brown,
Executive Director
2018 CCSAA Initiatives 
This summer, CCSAA is embarking on several new initiatives to help drive the interest in cross country skiing and better support the ski areas the provide the service.   
If You Do What You've Always Done...  - NGI
Back around 1990, a very smart, very hands-on visionary who owned and operated a Nordic area in the U.S. (we'll call him Andy) did a little self-examination. Unlike a lot of us, he decided to plan for the future rather than let his business just keep on keepin' on. It was already a successful business, but he was concerned that the percentage of repeat clientele was falling, and he wanted it to grow.
NSAA Capital Watch
* Ski Fee Retention Bill  
* Car Emission Standards
* Safe Sports
* More...
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