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Anne L. Wilder
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Here’s the topline for this month’s news:
  • Learn how CCSI's Lawrence Moten is making a difference for students in Syracuse
  • Karla Boyce, Youth Development Coordinator/Teenage Services Coordinator with Monroe County’s Teen Age Services Act (TASA) talks about linking teens with supportive programs
  • Get the latest CFR updated from James Monfort, Senior Consultant & Manager of Financial Services.
  • Read recommendations from a recent study completed for the Greater Rochester Health Foundation on Monroe County’s early care and education settings (ECE) support whole child health.
  • Register now: OASAS Clinical Supervision Foundations I & II Training
  • Westside News reporter Karen Fine shares her experience participating in a recent Poverty Simulation; and
  • Kesha Carter, Chief Diversity Officer talks about work CCSI is engaging in as part of a community effort to address Structural Racism
Program Management Services
Based at customer locations, guided by the customer’s priorities and vision, and managed in partnership with CCSI, we provide the talent and infrastructure needed to plan, implement and operate programs successfully.
Lawrence Moten’s Guidance Has a Positive Impact on Students in Syracuse
Driven by the belief that all children should be afforded the opportunity to succeed, Onondaga County’s Promise Zone and School-Based Initiatives work matches students’ emotional/behavioral needs with effective interventions designed to develop skills and increase engagement in instructional time through a multi-tiered system of support. This is part of a districtwide approach to connect students and families with the supports they need, coaching for school teams, and trainings for Syracuse City School District staff.

CCSI’s Lawrence Moten, Promise Zone Specialist in Onondaga County’s Promise Zone program, was recently featured in this CNYCentral news story where a reporter shadowed him for a day and learned more about the support he provides to students. Lawrence is one of 36 dedicated staff supporting Syracuse City School and Solvay School districts. He holds the Big East Conference's all-time scoring record, so it means a lot to the students to spend time with Lawrence to talk with him about life, challenges, and academic goals. It’s clear that the students look forward to their time with him and see him as a positive adult figure to look up to. Learn more about how Lawrence is making an impact on the Syracuse community by checking out the news story where you’ll hear directly from Lawrence, as well as a student he supports.
Promoting Self-Sufficiency with the Teen Age Services Act (TASA)
Services authorized under the Teen Age Services Act of 1984 requires local social services districts to offer pregnant and parenting teenagers, and/or at-risk teenagers, who are recipients of public assistance, case management services to assist them with accessing medical, educational, employment and other services. New York State requires that each county have a TASA coordinator. We sat down with Karla Boyce, Youth Development Coordinator/Teenage Services Coordinator with Monroe County’s Teen Age Services Act (TASA) to talk about how she links teens with supportive programs like individual and group counseling, educational services, assistance with prenatal care, and more to help them become more self-sufficient and gain greater family stability.

Business Management Services
We offer the essential business supports that health and human services providers need to run their organizations successfully, scaled to their size, complexity, and budget. 
Financial Services Update

Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) Software

Version 32 of the CFR Software has been released and should be used to create your Calendar Year 2018 CFR. The link to the OMH CFR site is below. We also recommend you use this site to sign up for the CFRS Announcement Mailing List .
James Monfort
Manager of Financial Services, Senior Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Other Quick CFR Reminders

  • May 1st: Final CFR or 30-Day CFR Extension due for NYS OMH & SED providers.
  • June 1st: Final CFRs due for all (OMH & SED with 30-day extensions).
  • There are potentially strong penalties for submitting the CFR late.
  • Remember, your County Local Governing Unit (LGU) may have CFR due dates that are earlier than the state due dates.
  • Schedule your auditors! 
  • If your CFR is required to be audited be sure to contact your auditors early to get the CFR audit completed before the due date.
  • OMH and OASAS Clinic providers must also complete and have audited the Upper Payment Limit schedule (UPL).
Consulting Services
We provide the expertise and support organizations need to understand, implement, and sustain practices aimed at improving the way healthcare is provided.
Supporting Whole Child Health in Early Childhood: A Scan of Early Care and Education Settings in Monroe County
With its Healthy Futures strategy, the Greater Rochester Health Foundation has launched an initiative to improve the health and well-being of children ages 0-8. They’ve identified four “whole child health” components: healthy relationships; safe and secure environments and psychological safety; skills and competencies (e.g., social-emotional, literacy and other core academic skills); and healthy habits (e.g., around healthy eating, physical activity, and sleep). To inform their plans, GRHF partnered with CCSI to conduct a scan of Monroe County’s early care and education settings (ECE) to identify promising programs and practices, training and coaching needs, and policy changes needed to support whole child health.  Here’s a brief recap of what we learned from this initial work, which included review of a broad range of secondary data sources, along with interviews and focus groups with ECE experts, administrators, direct care staff, and parents of young children in care. 

  • Many promising programs and practices (PPPs) that support whole child health are currently in use (or have been.)
  • PPPs have been underfunded and need expansion – both to additional settings and in length of implementation.
  • The largest perceived gaps are in supporting children with intensive behavioral, social-emotional, mental health, cognitive, and physical needs.
  • There are significant training and coaching needs, including a need for training on trauma-informed care (TIC) and provider-parent communication.
  • Parent engagement is a challenge; few providers are able to offer home visits and parent support staff.
  • Recruiting and retaining high-quality staff is a barrier, especially due to the low pay of ECE staff.
  • Providers face multiple challenges using data systems to record, monitor or evaluate whole child health, including the cost of these systems. Outside of Head Start, UPK, and Pyramid Model pilot sites, few providers are using data systems to track this information.

OASAS Clinical Supervision Foundations I & II Training
This 30-hour combined on-line and classroom training developed by the Addiction Technology Transfer Center, will meet the thirty (30) hour Clinical Supervision training requirement for the Advanced Counselor and Master Counselor status in the OASAS Substance Use Disorder Scopes of Practice, and recognizes the crucial role of Clinical Supervision in quality assurance of program services.

Clinical Supervision, when properly implemented, improves client care, develops clinical skills, and improves the knowledge and professionalism of clinical personnel. It is paramount in imparting and maintaining ethical standards in the addictions profession.

For more information, and to register for the 14 hour online Clinical Supervision Foundations I course click here .

The online course is followed by 16 hours of classroom training - Clinical Supervision Foundations II
Rochester's Media and Communication Professionals Walk in the Shoes of Those in Poverty
In February’s CCSI News and Updates , we shared Democrat and Chronicle Executive Editor Mike Kilian’s experience participating in the poverty simulation CCSI recently facilitated on behalf of ACT Rochester . Karen Fine from Westside News is another media professional who also shared her feedback from participating in this highly interactive and powerful experience where participants assume the roles of family members in poverty to better understand what a typical low-income family experiences trying to survive from month to month. “The experience was overwhelming to me,” she said. “I can’t imagine if my family had ever lost their home and had to live in a shelter, in a car or on the streets, with nowhere to turn, no support system.”  Click here to read more about how she and her “family” better understand the day-to-day challenges faced by those living in poverty.   For more information, or to learn how you can host this type of event for your organization or stakeholders, check out our website and contact Nancy Sung Shelton at .
Organizational News and Events
Encouraging Dialogue on How to Address Structural Racism
CCSI has been engaged in community work aimed at dismantling structural racism. Through this work, we have partnered with other community organizations and attended educational workshops, resulting in some internal shifts in thinking and doing. This is a journey with many different paths and resource jewels along the way which we have learned from, engaged in and shared with employees. One such jewel was discovered and shared with employees as a point of discussion and further learning.
Kesha Carter
Chief Diversity Officer
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Our Rochester staff began a journey of discovery, understanding, engagement and learning through a podcast which is informative, entertaining and educational. Produced by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies,  Seeing White looks at how the history of whiteness in action and privilege impact society today.

Nora Lieberman Named to CCSI Board of Directors
On February 25, 2019 the CCSI Board of Directors welcomed Nora Lieberman, CPA  as its newest member. Nora is a Senior Operational and Revenue Analyst supporting Inpatient and Outpatient Behavioral Health areas for Rochester Regional Health, where she has been for 17 years. Nora graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in accounting. 
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