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This month’s newsletter comes to you under circumstances that few of us could have fully anticipated a few weeks ago. Like many organizations, the CCSI workforce is now working largely remotely, but continuing to provide staffing and program management for essential programs and services across the State, as well as technical assistance to local government, providers and other community-based organizations in areas like financial management, human resources, staff training and more.

This new way of working has introduced some complexities, but has also created opportunities to work in different ways – and to be creative in the use of technology to support the teamwork, collaboration and sense of “work family” needed in times of challenges. We know some of these changes will have a lasting and positive impact on the way we work – both internally and with our partners and customers across the State.

Partnering with so many organizations, we see firsthand how incredibly hard people are working to keep essential services and supports in place during this time. There are so many examples of extraordinary efforts and creative solutions to complex problems. We are grateful, inspired, and thankful to be working with you. We are equally cognizant of the road that lies ahead as we prepare to respond to needs that will be larger and more complex. Please know that, as always, we are here and ready to help.  

I hope you, your families and your coworkers are well and know that our communities will weather the current challenges and come through stronger by working together.
Anne L. Wilder
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
New York State of Health Now Offers Special Enrollment Period and Appointments by Phone
Funded by the New York State Department of Health, CCSI’s IPA / Navigator program provides one-on-one assistance for individuals and small businesses interested in shopping for and enrolling in health insurance through  The New York State of Health - the Official Health Plan Marketplace

If you missed the February 7th cutoff date to enroll in insurance coverage through NY State of Health, there is now a Special Enrollment Period available to New Yorkers during which eligible individuals will be able to enroll in insurance coverage in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency. This enrollment period is open through April 15 th .

To help ensure the health and safety of NYS residents, the NYS Department of Health is also allowing application assistors to conduct telephone enrollments and renewals through NY State of Health until further notice.  To use this new way to enroll or renew:
  • Call our main appointment line number – 585.613.7662 and make an appointment
  • Leave a call-back number where we can reach you
  • At the scheduled appointment time, a navigator staff member will call you to assist you with your application or renewal by phone

Check out the NY State of Health Coronavirus Special Enrollment Period FAQ page for more details about this Special Enrollment Period:
Managing Stress in a Time of Crisis
There are signs of RESILIENCE everywhere, as we cope with how much life has changed in such a short amount of time. Within a week Social Distancing went from a new term to the norm. Businesses, schools and colleges are figuring out how to function remotely. And strangers began helping one another as grocery stores went from plentiful to empty.

There are actions all of us can take that are within our sphere of control to manage our worries and concerns adaptively.  With so many unanswered questions, our brains, bodies, and emotions may react in many ways. 

Click here to download the PDF.
Helping the Children and Youth in Our Lives Cope
Take Care of Yourself
We know that even in times of biggest crisis, if adults are coping well, children will cope well. Role model good self-care and emphasize healthy habits– “good sleep, nutrition, exercise and hand washing help us stay healthy.” Or “Our best way to help is to do what we know to do to stay healthy: get good sleep, wash hands, sneeze/cough into our elbows and drink lots of water.”

Find Ways to Contribute
Contribution is an important part of building resilience. It also supports another aspect, control. Helping children and teens learn how they are contributing to positive coping can be a great way to help grow their own resilience. Link their use of healthy habits as an important contribution to their community’s health and safety. Another way might be checking in and making sure that more vulnerable loved ones have what they need.

Click here to download the PDF.
Ten Ways to Take Ten!
With many of us moving to working remotely over the past week, we may find ourselves wondering what the new work etiquette is. Is it okay to take breaks?  If so, how often and how many?  Will my supervisor think that I am slacking off if I don’t respond immediately to an e-mail or call? Many of us may feel that with so much happening so quickly that we can’t stay away from the computer or phone. 

However, we know that to perform at our best, in any setting, we need to take brain breaks to refresh . This is even more true, when working remotely in front of a computer screen for most of the day. Here are ten ways to take ten-minute breaks:

  1. Select a favorite flavor and prepare as desired. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit. Notice the warmth coming through the mug into your hand. Before taking the first sip, pause to inhale the smell. Enjoy the warmth as it travels from your mouth, down your throat into your belly.

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COVID-19 Resources for Behavioral Health Providers
Our partners at CTAC have pulled together a COVID-19 Resources webpage for behavioral health providers which includes the latest updates, webinars, guidance documents and more. Given the recent changes to mental health in-person service delivery due to COVID-19, they recently hosted the following webinars:

Telehealth for OMH and OASAS Providers During COVID-19 State of Emergency
A joint OMH & OASAS webinar to educate providers on the updated telebehavioral health guidance issued by New York State. Audience: Staff who operate OMH and OASAS programs, including staff who handle Medicaid billing and Medicaid managed care billing, as that will be the focus of these webinars. Click here to watch the recording and view presentation slides.
Best Practices for Telehealth
Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in the field of mental health care given the recent changes to mental health in-person service delivery due to COVID-19. Telehealth ensures continuity of care to recipients and provides the means to address access barriers and keep clients and providers safe. In this one-hour webinar, we will discuss types of telehealth technologies available, dos and don'ts of using these technologies, and other tips about using telehealth effectively and safely. Note: This webinar will not address recent OMH guidance on Telehealth.  Click here to watch the recording and view presentation slides.

Stay tuned for more to come.
New York State Office of Mental Health Launches the First-of-its-Kind Emotional Support Helpline
It is especially evident today that we are strongest when we make a commitment to each other that honors our interdependence. Taking a quote from Cory Booker, “…our greatest achievements as Americans are the result of collective struggle and sacrifice.” Our ability to show compassion is at the heart of that success.

High compassion results in higher quality care. In this presentation we explored compassion, looking at not only our inherent “knowing” we have always had as humans, but also the data that supports what we “know.” We covered these questions and more during the presentation:
  • Does treating others with more compassion really matter?
  • Does caring make a difference?
  • Can we measure that difference?

This webinar briefly touches on the importance of practicing compassion amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Don't miss Cheryl's next webinar below on Understanding Stigma.
Cheryl Martin, MA, RN, Master CASAC
Integrated Health Trainer and Clinical Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Understanding Stigma: Motivational Interviewing as a "Way of Being" and Skill That Embraces the People We Support
This presentation will explore the drivers and facilitators of stigma and how stigma manifests in the people we serve, especially their health outcomes. Motivational interviewing will be offered as a “way of being” with others that can decrease the impact of stigma and build the self-efficacy of those we care about and support.
Date: April 29th, 2020 from noon-1:00 p.m.

Presented by: Cheryl Martin, MA, RN, Master CASAC
Integrated Health Trainer and Clinical Consultant
From ACEs to Assets: A Community Approach to Growing Resilience  
Through the experience of Monroe County, NY, this session explores how community collaborations to better understand ACEs and the power of resilience lead to meaningful change across child-serving systems. Unique, actionable data and collaborative efforts moved the needle in the ability to respond to trauma and to grow resilience. The data offer three clear areas where positive impact is possible, creating hope in the face of adversity and a replicable roadmap for individual and system change.
Date: April 15th, 2020 from noon-1:00pm
Elizabeth Meeker, PsyD
Vice President, Consulting Services
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Amy Scheel-Jones, MSEd
Senior Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Grants IQ – Phase 1: Is This Grant for Me? How do I Prepare a Response?
As the fiscal environment becomes increasingly challenging for not-for-profit organizations, many leaders are looking toward grant funding more than ever to support the critical needs of the communities they serve. Just identifying grant opportunities best suited to help you meet these needs is a huge task in and of itself; responding to these opportunities is often even more daunting. This webinar will provide an overview of grant seeking and responding to funding opportunities, including tips on how to make the process manageable, while also increasing your likelihood of success! 

Date: April 24th noon-1:00pm
Neilia Kelly
Director, Grants Development
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Pamela L. Ayers, MSW
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives & Project Development
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Events and Other News
CCSI is Growing
CCSI has a need for talented professionals looking to contribute their expertise, expand their influence, and manage their careers to meet personal aspirations. We offer opportunities across different service lines, geographies, and functions.

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Dual Recovery Coordinator
Buffalo, NY – one opening , Warsaw, NY – one opening

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY
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