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Anne L. Wilder
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Here’s a quick recap of this month’s news:
  • Learn more about the work of Monroe County’s Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) as they partner with law enforcement to connect individuals in crisis to the treatment and supports they need.
  • Watch this video to hear from staff in Onondaga County's HOPE Program, which works with at-risk middle school students and families. 
  • CCSI’s Navigator Team answered questions about Open Enrollment at a recent WROC channel 8 call in event. They will have walk-in Open Enrollment sessions starting this month, so please help us spread the word.
  • Learn more about our Business Management Services team, which works with agencies to provide essential supports including financial management, human resources, compliance, and specialized staffing.
  • Cheryl Martin recently traveled to Tallin, Estonia to attend the 2019 MINT Forum, and she brought back some key Motivational Interviewing takeaways.
  • In addition to these highlights, we'll have financial services updates, webinars, and employee and board news to share. 
Program Management Services
Based at customer locations, guided by the customer’s priorities and vision, and managed in partnership with CCSI, we provide the talent and infrastructure needed to plan, implement and operate programs successfully.
Monroe County Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) Connects individuals in Crisis to Treatment and Supports
CCSI is proud to support Monroe County’s Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) as they partner with law enforcement to connect individuals in crisis to treatment and supports. The team of six full-time clinicians ride along and assist officers with people that may have a mental health issue. Watch this Spectrum news story to hear more about the success of the program. For more on FIT, visit their website .
HOPE Program Will Provide Support Services to At-Risk Middle School Students and Families
As part of New York State’s Poverty Reduction Initiative, Syracuse is receiving $1.7 million to fund anti-poverty work in the city. The money will go to the United Way of Central New York on behalf of Greater Syracuse HOPE. CCSI is receiving $325,000 to fund a dropout prevention and case management program that will employ 11 family advocates and provide support services to 150 at-risk middle school students and families.  Click here to watch a quick video from members of the HOPE program team talking about why they are excited to be a part of this program. For more information on what other programs were funded, click   here
CCSI’s Navigator Team Answers Open Enrollment Questions and Hosts Walk-In Open Enrollment Sessions
CCSI’s Navigator Program provides one-on-one assistance for individuals and small businesses interested in shopping for and enrolling in health insurance through The New York State of Health - the Official Health Plan Marketplace . The team was recently in-studio at WROC channel 8 where they answered questions about Open Enrollment.  Watch the news segments here.

New York State of Health, Open Enrollment for Qualified Health Plans began November 1, 2019 and will continue through January 31, 2020. New enrollees can apply for coverage now and current enrollees may begin renewing coverage on November 16, 2019. To assure an individual’s enrollment in a qualified health plan begins on January 1, 2020, their application must be completed by December 15, 2019. They may still apply through the end of January 2020, but the start date of their coverage will vary depending on the application completion date. Check out the NYSOH – Enrollment period - Fast Facts for more information. Please note that enrollment for Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Essential plans are open all year.

CCSI’s Navigator team will be conducting walk-in enrollment sessions throughout the Open Enrollment period. No appointment is necessary, and they will have extended hours. The first session will be November 20, 2019 at their main office location at 1099 Jay Street, Rochester. Please distribute this flyer to your clientele, family and friends who may benefit.
Business Management Services
We offer the essential business supports that health and human services providers need to run their organizations successfully, scaled to your size, complexity, and budget. 
This month, we’re taking a more detailed look at our Business Management Services area which we recently structured with additional service offerings to help meet the needs of organizations looking for more than the Fiscal Officer support we’ve been providing. These services aim to strengthen organizational fiscal performance and build a strong workforce to supplement an organization’s existing workforce with the right business management skills and expertise. 
Donna Peri
Senior Vice President, Business Management Services
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
What are CCSI’s Business Management Services?
CCSI supports our customers through three key service lines: Consulting, Program Management, and Business Management Services. Our Business Management Services Team offers the essential business supports that health and human service providers need to run organizations successfully, scaled to your size, complexity, and budget. This includes:
Get the most from your state funding. Rely on our team’s long history of partnering with agencies like yours to provide the specialized fiscal management support needed to manage state and grant funding requirements.

Strengthen your organization’s fiscal performance.
From optimizing billing to maximizing revenue, CCSI’s experienced team can help you improve business processes to achieve long-term financial viability.

Build and maintain a strong workforce.
Our team of human resource professionals will help you recruit and manage talent effectively and strengthen your entire HR operations in alignment with best-practices and regulatory compliance.   
Staff up quickly to meet specific needs.
CCSI can provide on-site staff to supplement your workforce with business management skills and expertise, scaled to your need and budget, to keep your organization’s operations running efficiently and effectively.  CCSI’s strategic staffing includes compliance supports with CCSI’s Compliance Consultant in the review, improvement or development of a Mandatory Medicaid Compliance Plan that meets the requirements of New York State Social Services Law.

Hear directly from a couple of our customers, Madison County Mental Health Department and Onondaga Community Living to see how CCSI had an impact on these organizations.

To talk more about how CCSI’s Business Management Services can help support your organization’s needs, please contact:

Senior Vice President, Business Management Services
Click here for the latest
Financial Services Updates
James Monfort
Manager of Financial Services, Senior Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Consulting Services
We provide the expertise and support organizations need to understand, implement, and sustain practices aimed at improving the way healthcare is provided.
2019 MINT Forum in Estonia Focused on What Matters to the Individual, Compassion, Social Determinants of Health and Social Justice through a Motivational Interviewing Lens
The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) is an international organization, spanning across 56 countries, that is committed to promoting high-quality MI practice and training. As a “MINTee” since 2004, I have found this group to be vital to my continued growth of the skills needed to train and coach MI. I recently attended the annual 2019 MINT Forum in Tallin, Estonia where I participated in a variety of different workshops, presentations, and events over six days. As I reflect back on my visit to the beautiful country of Estonia, I think it’s important to share these four key takeaways that really stuck with me:
On left, Cheryl Martin, MA, RN, Master CASAC , Integrated Health Trainer and Clinical Consultant for CCSI in Estonia along with Angelina Moore Maia, PhD, RD, LD, Assistant Director, Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition, University of New England
  • Ask “What Matters to You?” (WMTY) – This worldwide initiative was introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in 2012 with the goal for healthcare providers to shift away from asking patients “What’s the matter?” to instead ask, “What matters to you?” This change is key to creating meaningful relationships with patients and their family members, a deeper understanding of what really matters to them, and a foundation for co-creating healthy outcomes. Asking this question impacts care by improving quality and safety, as well as supporting compassionate satisfaction of the healthcare workforce, reducing staff turnover. Thus, healthcare workers are more likely to see the unique human being they are serving. Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaborative shares on their website how they’re implementing this initiative across their system, along with videos, tools, and resources. 

Interested in Having a Collaborative Motivational Interviewing Conversation With CCSI’s MINTees?
CCSI’s Cheryl Martin, Integrated Health Trainer & Clinical Consultant, and Gwendolyn Olton, Director of Practice Transformation, are looking for a few more volunteers who may be interested in having a collaborative Motivational Interviewing (MI) conversation with Gwen and/or Cheryl, specifically around a health behavior issue. The conversation would be recorded and used for training purposes. Gwen and Cheryl want to thank the first two volunteers who have already participated in an MI conversation! MI is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication with particular attention to the language of change. It is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person's own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. Both Cheryl and Gwen are members of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). Connect with Cheryl or Gwen by Friday, November 22, for more details and/or to volunteer.
Cheryl Martin, MA, RN, Master CASAC
Integrated Health Trainer & Clinical Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Gwendolyn Olton, MA, BSN, RN
Director of Practice Transformation
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Webinar Gives Overview of NYS Trauma Informed Network
In a previous CCSI News and Updates , we announced the launch of the New York State Trauma-Informed Network website: . This virtual network helps individuals, caregivers, professionals and organizations connect with one another in order to enhance trauma-responsive practice change throughout New York. The site is dedicated to sharing quality resources, promoting events/training opportunities, and providing access to champions throughout the state engaged in these efforts.

This week, Amy Scheel-Jones, Senior Consultant , gave an introduction to the NYS Trauma Informed Network via webinar hosted by New York Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She explained how to join, how to share resources through the network, how to provide feedback on the network's website, and how to use the network to enhance community and survivor support work. If you missed this webinar, click here to watch:
Tools Are Available to Help Assess Trauma-Informed Care Practices
With more programs, organizations, agencies, communities, and systems looking to become trauma-responsive, it is vital that we can measure the extent to which these entities are truly using trauma-informed approaches.  The Journal of Community Psychology recently published an article where authors completed a systematic review of peer-reviewed and gray literature, identifying 49 systems-based measures that were created to assess the extent to which relational, organizational, and community/system practices were trauma-informed. Of the tools referenced, they included CCSI’s Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tool (TRUST) which we introduced in a previous CCSI News and Updates The TRUST tool provides a point in time assessment of an organization’s trauma-responsive practices. Results are paired with recommendations and links to resources based on the organization’s score. Use of the tools is free in New York State, and can be used outside of NYS for a fee. To learn more about TRUST or TRUST-S, or how to implement these tools within your state or region outside of New York, please contact us at , or click here to register.
Events and Other News
Congratulations to Belda Ngoy  
Congratulations to Belda Ngoy for completing the African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) through the United Way of Greater Rochester. Since 1992, United Way of Greater Rochester's African American Leadership Development Program has been positively impacting our community and strengthening Rochester's workforce. AALDP is a unique development program that identifies, trains and promotes the placement of African Americans in policy-making positions as members of the board of directors or working on committees at community organizations in the Greater Rochester area.

Belda states, “This program has provided me with wonderful insights on personal growth and how to best serve our community. My takeaway from the program is that everyone matters, and one cannot do it alone. Therefore, we need each other to uplift our community and the surrounding regions where our services are provided. I will continue to represent the people we serve and make sure their voices are included.”

The United Way of Greater Rochester hosts seven different leadership development programs yearly. Each program is designed to train individuals from different backgrounds and identities for board service in the community. Belda now joins an amazing group of CCSI employees who have completed various leadership programs and are now giving back to the community. Keep an eye out for Belda and all of the wonderful things she is sure to do.  
Kesha Carter Among Finalists for the ATHENA Young Professional Award
We are proud of Kesha Carter, CCSI’s Chief Diversity Officer, for being chosen as a Young ATHENA Award finalist. The ATHENA Young Professional Award recognizes emerging female leaders in the 30 to 45 year old range who demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their business or profession and serve as a role model for young women both personally and professionally. The ATHENA Awards program was introduced to the Rochester community in 1987 by Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce in partnership with its affiliate, the Women’s Council. The awards dinner will be held on January 23, 2020 at the Floreano Convention Center in Rochester. Click here for more information, including a full list of finalists. Congratulations, Kesha!
New Board Member: Linda Lopez
We are extremely pleased to announce that Linda Lopez has joined the CCSI Board of Directors.  Currently the Executive Director for Community Services for the Syracuse Salvation Army, Linda brings more than 30 years of experience in the human services field in areas including child care and homeless services. Prior to assuming her current role with the Salvation Army, which she has held since 2017, Linda served as Executive Deputy Commissioner at the Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services. Linda earned a degree from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies/human resources from SUNY Empire State College.  
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