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Community Spotlight:
Avondale and Price Hill Neighborhood Tour

A recent bus tour provided residents from Price Hill and Avondale the opportunity to
teach and  learn as they toured each others neighborhoods and shared strengths and challenges of raising healthy children.
Avondale and Price Hill Neighborhood Tour

Thank you to the Community Builders and Santa Maria Community Services for sponsoring the tour and inviting families to be expert designers in the learning network!!
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Network Goals
1.  All children read by third  
2.  Eliminate infant mortality
3.  Eliminate disparities
     across neighborhoods in
     the health of children.
4.  Ensure all five year olds
     have a "healthy mind and

Learning Network Timeline

We continue to talk with families in the community and will soon begin looking at themes that are emerging from these discussions.  

We All Teach and We All Learn
All Teach, All Learn is a fundamental principle of our learning network. Network participants must humbly share and graciously learn from others. The network  is built on the fundamental belief that by sharing successes and failures transparently  and learning from one another, participants can achieve their goals more effectively and  quickly than working alone.
QI Corner
Over the course of 2016, the Learning Network team will set up ways to foster All Teach, All Learn, including educational webinars, in person learning sessions, and a website for sharing. The concept of All Teach, All Learn is fundamental in quality improvement because it allows us to share our successes and failures to learn more quickly and achieve our shared mission that Cincinnati's Children are the Healthiest in the Nation.

This does not mean we don't give credit where credit is due! Creative Commons  helps guide how we share and allow others to build on our sharing.  Creative Commons is founded in the values that built the internet.  You can help children by being generous in your sharing and being meticulous in giving credit to others who inspired your work.
Network Streams in Action
In the spirit of All Teach, All Learn members of the Community Connected Primary Care Mental Health subgroup recently attend a Federally Qualifies Health Center (FQHC) quarterly meeting.  There, the team heard how other providers are integrating mental health services into primary care visits.  They also shared their early learning from integrating a psychologist into the care team during well child check-ups at the Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center.
This newsletter will keep you up to date about actions taking place across Cincinnati by learning network members like you.  
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