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Today at noon: 

 Presentation by Pavan Reddy, MD 

Professor of Internal Medicine 

Associate Division Chief, 


Co-Director, Hematological Malignancies 

and BMT Program 

University of Michigan Medical Center 

Ann Arbor, MI 

"Traversing the Valley of Death: From Bench to Bedside"



Division of Hematology & Oncology 

Deputy Director, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center


Noon, WPCC Boardroom

Seminars, Symposia and Conferences

Wed. June 4
Biomedical Informatics Seminar Series

"What is Informatics?" Presented by Eta Berner, EdD

Topics include: Overview of biomedical and health informatics, key issues in the field, impact of informatics on medical research, education and patient care, informatics resources for researchers at UAB. 


3-4 p.m.

Shelby 1015


This series will consist of seminars, presentations and online lectures covering key topics in biomedical and health informatics for clinical and translational science researchers and the resources related to these topics at UAB.  There will be reading materials accompanying the presentations. There are a total of five live seminars and three online sessions.  


Thurs. June 5

NEW CCTS/CTO Research Seminar


Starting in June, critical research implementation and management topics will be presented on the first and third Thursday at noon in PCAMS.  These topics will be of interest and relevance specifically to clinical research personnel including investigators, regulatory personnel, study coordinators and financial administrators.  The goal of this new program is to fill in the gaps in information related to the implementation of clinical trials that have been identified by investigators and their research teams. Presented by Penny Jester, co-director UAB Clinical Trials Office. 


June 5   Clinical Trials.gov: what you need to know (an overview)


This hour presentation will provide an over view of the FDAAA law and how it relates to ClinicalTrials.gov.  We will discuss investigator obligations and responsibilities associated with ClinicalTrials.gov.


June 19  Clinical Trials.gov:  detailed guidance on how to use


This presentation will be useful to study personnel who have the responsibility of completing the registration and/or results of a study on ClinicalTrials.gov. 



Thurs., June 12

"Developing and Presenting Abstracts and Posters for Scientific Conferences: The Hows and the Whys"

Presented by Stephen Glasser, MD




11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies (PCAMS), 1924 7th Avenue South


Dr. Glasser's talk may be of particular interest to summer research students, graduate students and postdoctoral trainees. Glasser is a Professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology in the UAB School of Public Health.  A cardiologist and clinical pharmacologist, his research interests include clinical research methodology, arterial stiffness and cardiovascular disease clinical trials.  He has extensive experience in numerous clinical trials, including hypertension clinical trials, serving as a site and multi-center principal investigator.  He has extensive experience in multi-center protocol development. 

Visit the Eventbrite page for more details and to register. 

NEW! The CCTS has a new Funding Opportunities page on our website. Visit often for the latest research funding announcements. 
TODAY: NINDS Clinical Trials Methodology Course Holds Second Webinar Today



The NINDS Clinical Trials Methodology Course is holding its second free, open-access webinar today at 11 a.m. CST.


Chris Coffey, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics and Director, Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center (CTSDMC) will be presenting on "STUDY DESIGN FOR EARLY PHASE CLINICAL TRIALS."


This will be available through the Adobe Connect virtual conference room at http://connect.umms.med.umich.edu/neurotrials. (This will need to be viewed on a computer with audio or other device, Android and iOS apps are available.)


We will be holding several other open webinars over the course of the summer (we will send out an updated calendar soon.) Our 1st webinar (by Dr. William Barsan from University of Michigan Emergency Medicine) along with future webinars will be archived at our website http://neurotrials.training


The NINDS Clinical Trials Methodology Course is supported by the NIH-NINDS: R25 NS088248 and is administered by the University of Michigan, the University of Iowa, and Los Angeles BioMed.


Note: you do not have to be one of the residential course participants to attend the open webinars. We welcome all who are interested in the design of trials for the clinical neurosciences to attend!



Email us at NINDS-CTMC-Info@umich.edu.



Epidemiology/Biostatistics Clinic in The Edge of Chaos


This clinic provides the UAB community access to epidemiology and biostatistics resources.  Available most Mondays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in The Edge of Chaos (Lister Hill Library, 4th floor).  Check the Edge of Chaos calendar for confirmation of meeting dates and times. 

Wed. June 4

UAB CCTS Biostatistics Clinic                                                    

11:30 am-1:30 pm

PCAMS Building 1924 7th Avenue South

The Biostatistics Clinic is open to all faculty members, post-docs, fellows, residents, and students. Attendees are invited to bring statistical and methodological questions about on-going research projects, projects being planned, manuscripts in progress, responses to peer reviewers, and published articles. They are also invited to bring their laptops. Assistance will be provided by members of the CCTS BERD group. A light lunch is served.  


NOTICE: New Announcement for 4th Annual Short Course on Statistical Genetics

and Genomics



BERD Design Consultation Available Today

In support of Pilot & Feasibility Projects, the CCTS is offering design consultation through its Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Division (BERD).  A team of methodologists, including experts in Epidemiology (Gerald McGwin, Russell Griffin), Biostatistics (Robert Oster, David Redden, Leslie McClure), and Statistical Genetics (Hemant Tiwari, Xiangqin Cui) are available to collaborate in the design of  the pilot proposals as well as in their review.  If other methodological expertise is required in the project design, the BERD will recruit the required expertise from among the network of UAB methodologists.


Please contact the BERD and request design consultation by emailing bstchair@uab.edu, calling 4-4905 or connecting through Research Commons on the CCTS home page.




NOTICE: 4th Annual Short Course on Statistical Genetics and Genomics


July 7-11, 2014 Birmingham, AL


The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Section on Statistical Genetics is pleased to announce the 4th Annual NIGMS-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics in Birmingham, AL on July 7 - 11, 2014. Focusing on the state-of-art methodology to analyze complex traits, this five-day course will offer an interactive program to enhance researchers' ability to understand & use statistical genetic methods, as well as implement & interpret sophisticated genetic analyses. Limited number of Travel Fellowships available, see website for details. Only participants residing in the US are eligible for Travel Fellowships!


Topics to include:

Intro (Ethics; Genetics & Genomics; Biostatistics); GWAS Design/Analysis/Imputation/Interpretation; Rare Variants Analyses; Structural Variation & Human Diseases (CNV Analysis); Gene x Gene & Gene x Environment Interaction; Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics; Analysis of DNA Methylation Microarray Data; Statistical Epigenomics; Transcriptome Analyses; Statistical Methods for NGS; Beyond GWAS: Pathway Analysis & Meta-Analysis.

Software demos:

Intro R & Bioconductor; PLINK, SKAT; PENNCNV; CpGassoc; NGS analysis with Bioconductor.

To insure the depth and practicality of the training program, we will provide 10 laptops to students or student pairs in the classroom. Each computer will be loaded with the required statistical software. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop. Many of the faculty have substantial expertise with the use of software for statistical genetics and have even authored some.



Guests: Ellen Clatyon, MD/JD - Vanderbilt Univ.; Karen Conneely, PhD - Emory Univ.; Nancy Cox, PhD - Univ. of Chicago; Rui Feng, PhD - Univ. of Pennsylvannia; Purvesh Khatri, PhD - Stanford Univ.; Alison Motsinger-Reif, PhD - NC State Univ; Nicholas J. Schork, PhD - J. Craig Venter Inst.; Sanjay Shete, PhD - MD Anderson Cancer Center; Hao Wu, PhD - Emory University; Michael Wu, PhD - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/UNC-Chapel Hill.

UAB: Xiangqin Cui, PhD; Hemant Tiwari, PhD.


For more details & registration, please see: http://www.soph.uab.edu/ssg/nigmsstatgen/fourth


Funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science |  ccts@uab.edu
 Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Sciences
1924 Seventh Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294

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