Update: Measles in Orange County
May 24, 2019
No additional cases of measles have been identified in Orange County since the last update. Given that 21 days have passed since the original cases in the international traveler, infant, and University of California, Irvine student (Long Beach resident), without any additional community cases, there is no evidence of sustained community transmission of measles in Orange County at this time. The case reported last week was in close contact with a previously identified case and not exposed in the general community. Orange County clinicians should consider the epidemiologic risk factors for measles (e.g., history of international travel, travel to a U.S. community with ongoing measles transmission, exposure to international travelers or to other measles cases), along with clinical history and exam, when evaluating a person with fever and rash and considering measles.
For a full size version of this embedded flyer, click hereFor more detailed guidance, see our previous advisories at www.ochealthinfo.com/measles or the CDPH Measles Clinical Guidance.
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