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Wichita Wurlitzer
July 2018  
CDs and DVDs are available at the show.  All sales support the Wichita Wurlitzer.  Bring cash or check - no credit cards tonight!
CDs are available in the Wichita Wurlitzer Shop.  Lyn Larsen's The Best of Times and Simon Gledhill's Coward and Friends were recorded on the Wichita Wurlitzer. Brett Valliant's Lyric Wurlitzer was recorded on the Little River Studio Miller Theatre Wurlitzer. 
All proceeds support the Wichita Wurlitzer.  Check out the website while you are there.  Click Here to go to the Shop
Broadway and Hollywood in Wichita
Brett included a medley of movie music during the May show.  The medley demonstrated the Wurlitzer as a unit orchestra, an orchestra at the fingertips of one musician.  Watch closely and you will see Brett use the sostenuto (holding a single note without affecting the other keys) feature of the digital relay system.  Watch Brett 
What People Say About Broadway and Hollywood in Wichita
I brought my 12 year old daughter, who is a Music Theatre performer and fanatic, and she was as mesmerized as I was. I have told many people how awesome the show was and will plan on attending anything I possibly can featuring this beautiful instrument and the talented artists that performed.
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