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CDA-Sponsored Legislation Passes Key Assembly Policy Committee 

Great news! We are delighted to report CDA’s sponsored bill, AB 2890 by Asm. Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) was unanimously approved by the Assembly Committee on Local Government yesterday (4/24)! With bi-partisan support and a 6-0 vote coming out of the committee, the bill now heads to the Assembly Floor, where we anticipate the bill will be heard and voted on in May. If the Assembly approves, the bill will head to the Senate for consideration.  AB 2890 would significantly improve the process for formation and renewal of PBIDs by providing important clarification of the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994 by providing additional details to help parties comply with the benefit separation requirement. 

Return of West Coast Urban District Forum!

I hope that you have all registered for the upcoming WCUDF in Reno. The conference is hosted on June 15-17, 2022 by the Downtown Reno Partnership, California Downtown Association and International Downtown Association. Our theme, Moving Into Recovery, will resonate with all of us as we figure out our next steps for downtowns. The conference committee has some great programs and tours planned. Highlights include:

Public Art and Creative Engagement 
Brad Carney has created works for the community-based public for over twenty years. His aesthetic emphasizes rhythm, motion, and playfulness with lines, colors, and compositions. Each project can create powerful human connections. Brad has worked as a teaching artist and internship coordinator for Mural Arts Philadelphia, the world’s most extensive creative public art program, and has witnessed the power of public art to foster deep relationships in the communities they serve. His recent murals have been inspired by abstract interpretations of sound and movement in our environment, neighborhood architectural transition, and the cultural identity of communities. He feels the artwork reflects our history, discusses our present, and reimagines a future together. 
The Intersection of Race and Place
Ishmael Nuñez is an urban planner living in Seattle, WA. He positions himself as an adept facilitator, collaborator, and educator with experience in supporting organizational efforts at the intersection of racial equity and placemaking. Having led workshops locally and nationally for his work on culturally responsive placemaking, Ishmael seeks to create environments for people with diverse experiences to learn from one another and build relationships. He currently works as the Director of Community and Placemaking for BDS Planning.

Homelessness and Mental Health in Reno
This pre-conference tour will explore the new Nevada CARES Campus, which provides shelter for 600+ individuals plus a unique safe camp with over 50 mod pods. The tour will explain the obstacles and challenges Washoe County and the City of Reno had to navigate to build and staff the facility. Other phases will be introduced, including a resource center, food services, wrap-around services, and a housing element to develop a comprehensive campus. In addition, two other projects will be included: Hope Springs, a treatment program that provides temporary housing to attendees, and the Village on Sage Street, a transitional housing program that repurposed containers to build a secure housing community in a community where affordable housing resources are scarce. 

The last day of the early bird rate of $345 registration is May 4, 2022. Registration for the regular rate is $395 until June 8, 2022. Register here!

For more information about how you can help, don't hesitate to contact Rena Masten Leddy at:

Have you registered yet for #WCUDF22? Join the Downtown Reno PartnershipCalifornia Downtown Association and IDA for the 2022 West Coast Urban District Forum June 15-17, 2022.

More information has been added in regards to the program and master talk sessions - please refer to the program and registration website for more information.

Torrance to consider implementing rent stabilization ordinance for mobile home parks
The Daily Breeze
"Torrance will consider implementing a rent stabilization ordinance for mobile home parks in the city — after months-long calls to do so from residents of a seniors-only complex that’s faced more than 15% increases in rent for lots within six months."

Bill Would Require Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety in General Plans
Streets Blog California
"S.B. 932, would require cities and counties to map out the places where bike riders and pedestrians experience high rates of injury in their General Plans."

Rezoning in College Area Could Clear Way for High-Density Buildings
NBC San Diego
"New zoning rules could allow property owners to tear down traditional single-family neighborhood homes and put up three to five-story apartment complexes right next door."
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