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January 2019
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Andrew Thomas VP
Over the next two weeks, volunteers from communities across California will participate in annual counts of individuals affected by homelessness and families living on our streets. This is an incredibly important task as it assists our partners in local and state government in understanding the extent of our societal crisis, while also measuring the success of various programs and efforts that attempt to help our most vulnerable population. 
I’ve participated in a number of counts in Los Angeles, and I will be counting again on January 23rd in my district. If you have not signed up to participate in your community, I encourage you to do so. It is frustrating to see the unacceptable number of people living on our streets, but the count is also invigorating and meaningful. As leaders in our downtown communities, we need to understand the current conditions in our districts so we can best advocate for change. Counting in the dead of night, when people are at their most desperate, presents us with this opportunity to truly see the magnitude of the crisis we face. 
It may not be obvious, or as impactful as it needs to be, but I believe some progress in housing our state’s homeless population has been made. In Los Angeles, Measure H and Measure HHH are starting to show signs of progress. Also in Los Angeles, bridge housing, a concept to immediately house people, is underway. I am also hopeful for the future. Governor Newsom has made his goals clear with his newly released budget priorities. Creating emergency shelters and supportive housing, while increasing funding to address mental health issues, has the potential to make a difference. 
These state-level efforts matter, but without street-level data to inform them, success will have limits. This is why it is so important that we participate in our local homeless counts, so we can deliver accurate data that shows the true extent of the problem. Furthermore, our individual efforts drive CDA’s understanding of the challenges of homelessness so we can continue to advocate for the best legislation possible to address the issues that we deal with every single day. To borrow from an over-played insurance commercial tagline, we downtown practitioners and BIDs know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.

Andrew Thomas, CDA President
Executive Director
Westwood Village Improvement Association
Join the LA Fashion District, California Downtown Association and IDA for the 2019 West Coast Urban District Forum March 19-21, 2019 . Master talks and breakout sessions will explore how downtowns serve as economic development resources beyond city boundaries, and how social equity plays an important role in the work that we do. Experts will share best practices on enhancing downtown quality of life and cultivating the next generation of leaders. Register by February 6, 2019 and save $100 on registration!

Master Talks Announced

Michael Berne, Founder and President, MJB Consulting (MJB)
Michael Berne is one of North America’s foremost experts in Downtown and Main Street retail. As Founder and President of MJB Consulting (MJB), an award-winning, Berkeley, CA and New York, NY-based retail planning and real estate consultancy, he is hired by a wide range of private, public and quasi-public/non-profit sector clients to undertake market analyses, devise tenanting strategies and spearhead implementation efforts. Berne has worked in cities and towns across the U.S., Canada and the U.K., including the Fashion District (LA).

Monique Earl, Assistant General Manager of Administration and Field Operations, Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)
In her role at LADOT, Monique Earl is responsible for approximately 270 employees and nearly a billion dollars in transportation funding. She also oversees the construction and installation of transportation infrastructure via the Paint and Sign and Signal Operations divisions.

Jamillah Jordan, Director of the Equity Studio, MIG, Inc
Jamillah Jordan works with a wide range of public and private sector partners to apply an equity lens to community development, public health and transportation projects and policies. She designs and facilitates civic engagement processes that build an inclusive vision of prosperity and translate into better outcomes for low-income communities.

More Master Talk speakers will be announced in the weeks to come.
The ACE Hotel Downtown Los Angeles , located at 929 S. Broadway, is offering a rate of $239/night for a medium room. Please book your room by Monday, February 18, 2019. The Hotel Figueroa , located at 939 Figueroa Street, is also offering rooms for WCUDF attendees. Please book your room by Tuesday, February 19, 2019. For more information on booking your hotel, please visit our website .

Sponsorship of the West Coast Urban District Forum allows you access to an audience of leaders from California! Your company will be highlighted in a variety of ways and be recognized for supporting the growth and development of cities. Click here for more information.

Already registered for the 2019 West Coast Urban District Forum? Pay only $50 in dues for the remainder of 2019 for your CDA membership (new members only). Download the application form and read all the details by clicking here .
Governor Newsom’s State Budget Invests in Housing and Homelessness 

In his first budget proposal, Governor Gavin Newsom released his 2019-20 State Budget – a plan that makes significant investments in education, homelessness and housing. Contained in the budget are meaningful investments (and new state policy) to address homelessness and spur development to meet the overwhelming demand for new housing units. In total, the January Budget includes $7.7 billion across multiple departments and programs to address housing and homelessness.  

The presentation of the January budget kicks off the process whereby the Legislature will review, comment and ultimately negotiate the passage of the state budget with the Governor. That process will begin next month, run through the spring and lawmakers will approve the budget no later than June 15. The Governor’s budget plan reflects the blueprints for tackling both homelessness and housing.  Below are the highpoints:

1. Homelessness:  “...as evidenced by the growing number of homeless persons, homelessness is a statewide problem and requires a multi-pronged approach, starting with better planning to provide access to shelter and associated services with the goal of moving individuals into permanent housing solutions.”

• $500 million general fund one-time for jurisdictions that site and build emergency shelters, navigation centers or supportive housing, broken down into two programs:
  • a. $300 million ($200/$100) for jurisdictions that establish joint regional plans for federally designated areas, and for money the eleven most populous cities, respectively
  • b. $200 million for jurisdictions that show progress toward developing housing and shelters, including permitting new supportive housing units or constructing emergency shelters and navigation centers.  

• Streamline CEQA to accelerate construction of homeless shelters through expedited judicial review of challenges to an EIR

• $25 million for the Housing & Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP) to assist homeless, disabled individuals with applying for benefit programs and housing support

• $100 million one-time for Whole Person Care Pilot programs that coordinate health, mental health, substance use disorder and social services to improve overall health 

2. Housing & Local Government:  “The amount of income paid toward housing, and the uncertainty of future housing costs, has broad impacts on the overall quality of life for California families.”

• $1.3 billion general fund and expanded tax credits to remove barriers and increase long-term housing production, particularly for low and moderate-income housing.  
  • a. $750 million to incentivize local governments to jump-start housing production through technical assistance to reach higher housing production objectives, including rezoning for greater density, completing environmental clearance, permitting units and revamping local approval processes 
  • b. Administration will revamp current RHNA process to ensure municipalities understand housing needs and HCD will take a proactive role in housing element review
  • c. $500 million of one-time general fund for moderate income households – expanding mixed-income loan program which provides loans to developers and will be paired with the proposed tax credit program for moderate income buyers
  • i. $300 million ongoing for tax credits targeted at new construction projects 
  • ii. $200 million for new program targeting more moderate/middle income purchasers
  • d. Governor is supporting policy that would encourages the formation of EFID’s (Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts) to establish revenue for economic development by removing the 55% voter approval requirement for the EFID to issue debt, creating a more attractive economic tool to support longer-term infrastructure

Jason Bryant 
Bryant Government Affairs
January 2019 Legislative Update 
Riverside Food Lab Among Award Winners for Improving Downtown Riverside
The Press-Enterprise 
The Riverside Downtown Partnership will recognize seven people, companies and agencies.

Why the West Coast is Suddenly Beating the East Coast on Transportation 
The New York Times 
When New York City’s transportation commissioner returned from a recent trip to California, she seemed downright jealous.

Uber Attorneys Challenge Lyft’s Bay Area Bikeshare Monopoly
San Francisco Examiner 
Uber is asking Bay Area transit officials a question key to the region’s transportation future: Hold on, why does Lyft have a monopoly on bikeshare again?

San Jose and Stockton Mayors Boost Transit-Housing Plan
Too many children go to bed at night without seeing parents who are stuck in crippling commutes.

Los Angeles Gets Americas First Earthquake Warning App
On January 3, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the release of ShakeAlertLA, a new earthquake-warning app for residents of Los Angeles County.

California’s New Governor Would Punish Cities Over Affordable Housing
Gavin Newsom wants to withhold transportation funds from areas that don't meet housing targets. But some worry that could punish California’s poorest.

Concrete City: The Beauty of Los Angeles' Most Popular Material 
The Guardian 
LA is a city of concrete. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s modernist mansions to Rudolph Schindler’s tilted houses…
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