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September 2020
Andrew Thomas
Westwood Village Improvement Association

1st Vice President
Steve Snider
Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt-Uptown District Associations
2nd Vice President
Emilie Cameron 
Downtown Sacramento Partnership

Kathy Hemmenway
Walnut Creek Downtown
Austin Metoyer
Downtown Long Beach Alliance
At-Large Directors
Marshall Anderson
Downtown San Diego Partnership

John Caner
Downtown Berkeley

Karin Flood
Union Square Business Improvement District

Suzanne Holley
Downtown Center Business Improvement District (LA)

Rena Leddy
LA Fashion District
Steve Mulheim
Old Pasadena Management District

Chloe Shipp
San Jose Downtown Association
Immediate Past President
Steven Welliver
Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
Arlington Business Partnership
Arts District Los Angeles BID
Improvement Association
BLVD Association
Carmichael Improvement District, Inc.
City of Beverly Hills
City of Monterey Park
City of Morgan Hill
City of Ontario
Downtown Alameda Business Association
Downtown Berkeley Association
Downtown Business Association-Bakersfield
Downtown Center BID
Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Downtown Modesto Partnership
Downtown Oakland Association/ Lake Merritt Uptown District Association
Downtown Pomona Owners Association
Downtown Roseville Partnership
Downtown Sacramento Partnership
Downtown Santa Barbara, Inc.
Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
Downtown SLO
Downtown Vacaville BID
Downtown Ventura Partners
Downtown Visalians, Inc.
Figueroa Corridor Partnership
Gateway to LA Airport Business District
Gilroy Economic Development
Greater Broadway District
Hollywood Property Owners Alliance
Kono CBD
LA Downtown Industrial District BID
LA Fashion District BID
Old Monterey Business Association
Old Pasadena Management District 
ParkSmart, Inc.
Paso Robles Main Street Association
Placerville Downtown Association
Playhouse District Association
Progressive Urban Management Associates, Inc.
R Street Sacramento Partnership
Riverside Downtown Partnership
San Jose Downtown Association
South Park BID
Sunnyvale Downtown
Telegraph BID
Temescal Telegraph BID
The River District
The Unity Council
Tracy City Center Association
Tulare Downtown Association
Union Square BID
Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association
Westwood Village Improvement Association 

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Andrew Thomas VP
The International Downtown Association is holding its 66th Annual Conference & Marketplace next week from October 6 - 8, 2020. The conference is virtual, but as always, it will be a tremendous opportunity for attendees to learn and to listen to some of brightest minds in our industry. If you have not yet registered, please do so today.

As California Downtown Association members, I encourage you to attend the IDA conference’s “CDA Roundtable” session on October 7th at 11AM PST. This session will be a discussion regarding legislative issues facing California and will be a chance for participants to learn how CDA advocates for its members and downtown communities, plus to ask questions regarding state policy.

Moderators of this session will be CDA advocate, Jason Bryant, and CDA Board members Suzanne Holley, President & CEO of the Downtown Center BID, Los Angeles, and Emilie Cameron, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Downtown Sacramento. They are all terrific representatives of CDA and also of our industry nationwide.

I hope to see you all there!

Andrew Thomas, CDA President
Executive Director
Westwood Village Improvement Association
A Strong Year for CDA’s Government Affairs Program 

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and a year that brought significant economic harm to so many of our members, CDA’s government affairs program excelled on a number of fronts. CDA’s efforts, under the leadership of our board of directors, delivered on three major victories on legislative priorities that will improve our downtowns and our associations moving forward.  

AB 1976 (Eggman) – Laura’s Law – CDA SUPPPORT  

The bill further implements “Laura’s Law” on a statewide basis and would allow a county or group of counties to implement an Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program under Laura’s Law and would allow counties to opt-out, if desired.  

To date, Assisted Outpatient Treatment has been implemented by 24 counties and is designed to assist individuals who as a result of a severe mental illness, unable to access community mental health services voluntarily. Under current law, the AOT program is an “opt-in” program which requires an unnecessary step that has reduced participation. Easing and expanding AOT implementation will ensure that those at the highest risk for hospitalization can obtain the necessary treatment services to keep that person supported.  

Laura’s Law is designed to provide participating counties with tools for early intervention. It allows for family members, relatives, cohabitants, treatment providers, or peace officers to initiate the AOT process with a petition to the county behavioral health director or designee. The health director must then determine how to proceed. If the individual is found to meet the AOT eligibility requirements, an individual preliminary care plan is developed to meet that person’s needs.

SB 288 (Wiener) CEQA Exemptions for Transit Projects – CDA SUPPORT

The legislation will accelerate the construction of new transportation projects including, pedestrian safety projects, bike lanes, new bus lines, rapid transit and light rail.  SB 288 gives more certainty to these projects, reducing costs and potential construction delays.  

This legislation comes at a time when our urban areas need economic stimulus as our members continue to experience the severe impact COVID-19 has had on our downtowns. As people begin to go back to work, visit restaurants, cafes and take advantage of the cultural opportunities California’s urban centers provide, we need a transportation infrastructure that can meet the demands of our residents and visitors.  

CDA believes the policy contained in SB 288 will increase the availability of a verity of transit options for those who live, work and visit in our urban centers. The California Downtown Association represents thousands of diversified businesses throughout California within its network of downtown associations, cities and business districts.  

AB 1436 (Chiu) – Rental Payment Default: State of Emergency – CDA OPPOSE 

Recognizing that we are in unprecedented times, we understand that tenants who have been truly affected by the COVID-19 virus – and the government response to it – need protections. In fact, they have already been granted extensive protections under federal law, state executive orders, judicial rules, and local laws, not to mention the countless number of owners who have deferred and reduced rent to help their tenants without a legal requirement to do so. The bill does not provide for – nor is it tied to – any funding to help tenants and landlords with the unpaid rent. There is no way many rental property owners will be able to keep their buildings from foreclosure if AB 1436 were to become law. Here’s why: 
Under AB 1436, rental property owners will go for an extended period of time with no rent payments – because AB 1436 is linked to the state proclamation, a rental property owner will likely receive no rent for more than 1 year. With no rent payments to cover the mortgage and other expenses at the property, including employee salaries, there is no question that rental property owners will lose their single-family rentals and multifamily buildings to foreclosure – notwithstanding the forbearance language. In many cases, the rent payments are an owner’s only source of income. Without a source of funding to help tenants and landlords, it is highly unlikely that tenants will be able to pay the back rent that is owed. 

Jason Bryant 
Bryant Government Affairs
September 2020 Legislative Update 

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