October 2023 Newsletter

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KCOE Aircraft of the Month

by Rachel Schwam of the Bird Aviation Museum

N781RD is a 1947 Republic RC-7 "Sea Bee.” Extensive modifications include installation of IGSO-480 series engines (Geared, Opposed; Geared, Supercharged, Opposed; and Injected, Geared, Supercharged, Opposed) ranging from 270 to 340 hp, reversing propeller, lengthened wingspan, extended ailerons, modern instrumentation and avionics. Restoration was completed in 2001. 

The Republic RC-3 Seabee is an all-metal amphibious sports aircraft designed by Percival Spencer and manufactured by the Republic Aircraft Corporation. 

On November 22, 1945, the prototype RC-3 (NX87451) came off the assembly line at Republic's factory in Farmingdale, New York and on December 1 made its first flight in Farmingdale with Spencer at the controls. On October 4, 1947, Republic Aviation Corp. announced that it was discontinuing production of the RC-3 Seabee amphibian for the personal plane market. Republic President Mundy I. Peale stated: "Due to the need of all Republic's production facilities for the manufacture of other types of airplanes, the company has decided to discontinue production of the Seabee.”

Read more about the fascinating story of the Seabee at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_RC-3_Seabee

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"In the Pattern"

by Frank O'Connell

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Asked to write a column for this month’s newsletter (about anything I thought of interest), the first thing that came to mind was all that’s happened at KCOE over the last year or so.

Since 2017, when our previous Airport Director was hired at the airport, the GA community here has been in a difficult position. Significant lease & fee increases, adoption of draconian rules and an autocratic stance left the stakeholders of KCOE with virtually no voice in its’ governance & treated as subservient to the airport administration. The continued efforts of several individuals resulted in limited relief from some of the worst proposals but the process was a constant uphill battle, with many advisory board meetings erupting in tense exchanges.

The latter part of 2022 saw the most difficult challenges yet, one proposal to convert airport property to a storage facility lease that was only made public when a (lessee) signed agreement was presented to the BOCC for signature and then another to site a commercial terminal square in the center of the GA side of the airport, again via a (lessee) signed agreement presented to the BOCC for signature. Both of these were rejected by the BOCC and this would prove to be the final chapter in the saga we had experienced for 6 long years.

The November election brought new leadership to the BOCC that was well aware of the situation at KCOE. Along with a new commissioner elected as liason to the airport, a fresh Airport Advisory Board was seated in January. The AD tendered his resignation following the inaugural meeting of the new board, preceding a new era of cooperation & open communications among the airport stakeholders, airport management and the county.

There have been or are prospectively major changes since the new year, not the least of which is the hiring of our new AD, Gaston Patterson. He comes to us from a previous AD position and is an active private pilot. He brings many ideas for improvement of KCOE that we have all found to be a breath of fresh air. Maybe best of all is Gaston’s willingness to openly discuss anything airport related with anyone, at any time.

We’re also seeing some older initiatives resurrected for action, such as augmented AWOS, keypad access to our entrances, elimination of landing fees for our vintage and military aircraft as well as focus on desperately needed new hangar development, as evidenced by the long waiting list for hangar leases.

The CDAAA has itself enjoyed a surge in membership as more pilots & aircraft owners are taking interest in the airport, bringing with it optimism for the future of GA and future opportunities for fly ins & other community events. Once again, our airport is returning to a safe and enjoyable environment from which we can happily pursue our passion for aviation.

It’s still hard for many of us to believe where we are at this point, relative to how the situation looked last fall but again, what a difference a year makes!

Upcoming Meetings

Oct. 10 : CDA Airport Association meeting

5pm @ Hagadone Jetcenter

10975 N Airport Rd.


Oct. 11: Airport Advisory Board

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

CdA Airport Association

Meeting Minutes

Sept. 12, 2023

Meeting Called to Order by President Harry C. at 5:02PM, with the Pledge of Allegiance, at the Hagadon Hangar, KCOE.

Those in Attendance: See attached sign-in. Harry introduced new member Dan Gates, retired Airport Manager from Port Angeles, WA. Welcome aboard, Dan!

Minutes of last meeting: Motion to approve by Mike K, Seconded by Frank O. Minutes approved.

Treasurers Report: Checking $2736.20/ Savings $4410.80.

Guest Speaker: Gaston Patterson, KCOE Airport Director.

He reported that he recently picked up an RV12 for himself, reminding us that he is a pilot. Gaston feels very positive about the Airport. For example:

Communications are going in right direction, any complaints that have been brought up are nearly all resolved.

Update of Rules/Standards coming up: notified by Helena FAA offices in charge of planning.

Official FAA audit on airport (Seattle); this took 2 days 8 hrs.: official report on that later. FAA was very pleased, but there were some contract issues: gun club and Lakes Hwy, the old Transdector facility that allowed non-aviation/military/civilian use.


FAA could see the need for developing more land But need to resolve some issues with the 700 acres purchased a while ago.

AWOS tech is coming out to fix the system, but must send people over to certify; therein lies the holdup. Airport Office is asking for communication preference: Text notification or email; please register with airport.

Gates and gate cards: key pads to all gates, individual pin #s for each card holder. The Cessna gate was a test launch.

Rnwy 6/24 is still shut down 7-24 Sept. Taxi-way November, closed. Apparently, while grinding the runway to prep for overlay, runway was found at only 2“, where it should be 4”; way out of the 1⁄4” tolerance. Not Good. Plans call for Runway 6/24 to have asphalt and stripping done; then in 30 days, grooving. Next year final painting.

LEDs lights next year

Temporary tower Operations: 2X2 rotated thru 10 controllers; was not completely satisfactory. FAA was good for coordination. FS paid for tower/ops supervisor. Want to contract with local users. County will share costs next year. Thanks for all the hard work to the controllers: Bill and Rich.

Controllers reported some statistics that users should be aware of for SAFETY: Deviations 13 (9 in one day). Several incidents where there was NO talk to tower and need to include jet “close-calls”.

FAA watches the Airport to establish “busy days” so as to understand how KCOE traffic works. was the busiest they have seen except for Oshkosh. Tower?

Future questions:

Frank asked about Frequency change.

FAA says there is No money for future projects. Runway 2/20? Rate changes: $1.00 per thousand #. No charges for airshows. Gaston has wide open door for airport users.

Old Business:

Mike K wants to sell hats, shirts and coats. (Coat $70, hat $10, shirt $20, cost to us).

CDAAA and Museum, but there are some sales tax issues to work out and a logo concern .

Harry: Camera systems software; went to Stancraft Jet Center to see how they do it. Hosted a website/talk, so far. Harry: revising Rules and Standards; when might that be? We should start listing areas of the current R/S to modify.

Tower ops supervisor

indicated he wanted to talk with local pilot groups before starting next year tower ops.

We could make money for

Our airport

Mike: Bikes better option at this time because bikes can be donated to airport and take very little in liability/space. Arrange a shed where they can be kept and made available to visiting pilots, either at CdA M/O or South (west) Transient Parking.

New Business:

Mike indicated that Shane at No Limits Aviation would give members a 15% discount and Stancraft would give a discount, as well. CdAAA to provide a list and id cards for use. Program to list members.

Jim.W: Cynthia is looking for Newsletter contributions.

Mark Sales: (pilot with Lifeflight 85) locals play nice with locals.

Harry: give LF considerations for priority.

Steve A.: confusion about CdAAA and CDA flyers. Thank Mike K for all his hard work on the Flyers. Call a board meeting for discussion. Mike will work with Cynthia to coordinate the CdAAA Website and CDA Flyers Social Media site and to add CDAAA to Logo.

Good of Order: Harry thanked Mike for all his updates on Facebook and getting the word out about the airport. Thanks to Gaston Patterson for Airport Updates. Much appreciated.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Elsbeth Roach

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary/Treasurer CdAAA Board

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