CDBC Announcement
Message from the Registrar
I am taking this opportunity to confirm my return to work on November 4, 2019. My return will be part time, 3 days/week, in November and December, and then full time in January 2020.
I know the past year was very busy with many projects on the table. I am very appreciative of the College Board and staff support in my absence. I would also like to thank Mélanie Journoud, Deputy Registrar, who worked diligently to make sure things ran smoothly during my leave. I am grateful for her leadership, thorough work and keeping me involved on sensitive matters.
As I return, you will be able to reach me at my usual contact information and .
I am very excited to come back to work. I look forward to advancing the Strategic Plan and other important College projects in the public interest!
Please contact the College staff if you have questions.
Call 604.736.2016 or toll-free in BC to 1.877.736.2016, or email us at