CDBC Announcement
Notice of Election
Three Board positions are available beginning April 1, 2020:
Interior/North Electoral Region (1)
Vancouver Island (1)
Vancouver Coastal Electoral Region (1)
Terms of office
As per the CDBC bylaws, Directors’ terms are a maximum of two years. An elected Board Director may be re-elected for three consecutive terms.
Nomination procedure
Any Full Registrant may nominate one Full Registrant, in good standing, for each vacant Director position in his/her Electoral Region. The Full Registrant making the nomination must deliver the Nomination Form , to the CDBC Registrar, at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiry of the terms of office.
Nominations and a short biography must be received by email, by December 15, 2019.
Successful candidates begin their terms on April 1, 2020.
Election authority
The election is conducted by the Registrar in accordance with the Health Professions Act and CDBC bylaws , sections 5 & 6.
Please contact the College staff if you have questions.
Call 604.736.2016 or toll-free in BC to 1.877.736.2016, or email us at