March 2018
For the second year, Chris Dudley Basketball Camp coaches, Tyler Allen and Derek Duman have banded  together to host a fundraiser supporting the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp.  Duman and Allen both have personal connections to type 1 diabetes.  Allen's daughter Alexis, who attended her first year of camp last summer, has been living with T1D for 7 years.  Duman has been living with T1D since he was 14 years old.  Allen, head coach of the South Salem boys basketball team, and Duman, head coach of the West Albany boys basketball team, hatched the idea of Dollars for Diabetes when they started working CDBC together two years ago.  As teams in the same league, the coaches decided to take advantage of the games they would compete in to raise diabetes awareness and fundraise to support CDBC campers who would otherwise be financially unable to attend camp.  

Coach Allen's daughter, Alexis, with Chris Dudley during her first week at CDBC
"The Chris Dudley Foundation and camp represents hope for me as a parent of a child with diabetes, that my daughter can reach any goal she sets for herself.  For my daughter Alexis, it is a week she gets to be free and fearless with a bunch of friends who know what she is going through.  Dollars for Diabetes is a great opportunity for my South Salem basketball community to connect with my world outside of the game and educate people on T1D and signs to look for with their family." - Coach Tyler Allen

Allen and Duman spoke before the two games to large groups of high schoolers, parents, and supporters informing them of warning signs of type 1 diabetes.  Often, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are mistaken for common illnesses or the flu.  The earlier T1D is caught, the better, and awareness is key.  The coaches also spoke about CDBC and how critical a space like camp can be for youth with T1D.  

"One of the coolest things about camp, not only is it the only [residential] basketball camp for diabetics in the world, it's also the one week a year that those campers aren't lonely or isolated. Often times when you have type 1 diabetes you're the only one that you might know in your town or in your school and it can be really tough." Said Duman to the crowd, "Everyone [at camp] knows what they're going through, and they get the opportunity to get to share stor ies, play basketball, and really just be themselves."

This year's Dollars for Diabetes raised  $2,340.21  to build  "camperships".... READ MORE.

If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser for the Chris Dudley Foundation, consider hosting a Virtual Diabuddies Dash in your home town, or contact with other opportunities.  Camperships go towards funding room and board, meals, medical supplies, and other expenses associated with keeping youth with T1D healthy and safe while at camp.  If you would like to make a donation towards camperships, click here.

Losing track of all the rockstar athletes with T1D who are competing in College and Professional Basketball Leagues?! We've got you covered.  Check out our extensive list of basketball players with T1D & stay tuned for a full Athletes with Diabetes guide to come! 
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Congrats to CDBC Alumn, Noah Watson on his commitment to play basketball at Muhlenberg College next year!  CDF is so excited for you!

CDF is proud to congratulate past CDBC coach & legend David Wagenblast on being awarded GSL Coach of the Year.  We are lucky to have had such wonderful coaches at CDBC working with our campers!

Days Until CDBC 2018:
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JOIN US in Keizer, OR for the 2nd Annual Diabuddies Dash on Saturday, April 28th!   All proceeds benefit Chris Dudley Basketball Camp camper scholarships.
Events include: 5k walk, 5k run, 10k run, vendor fair, and awards ceremony!
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  • JDRF Oregon/SW Washington Hope Gala: May 5, 2018.  More information here.
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WATN showcases past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now
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CDBC camper 8 years; staff 6 years
What is your favorite camp memory?
I have a ton of camp memories from each year as a camper and staff member. The two that stick out are when Big Mike created the legend of Trevor Pinetree. Second would have to be when Chris Yost & Coach Munson made big midweek trades to round out the Warriors squad that included Adrian Lebid, Jake Roselli, Johnny Elliot, Micaela Westby (Barber), and Matt Frost. We had a blast that week.   
Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care?
  Being able to go to camp each year was critical to me developing as a diabetic. Outside of my parents the staff at CDBC was the most impactful people on me learning how to control diabetes and my body from a young age. I learned how my body reacted to exercise and what I must do on a daily basis to try to keep my blood sugar as level as possible.
Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp?
 I try to stay in contact with a bunch of people from camp and have been lucky to see a good amount of people in the two years I've been absent. I've recently been able to see Ben Rue when he performed in Louisville this past December, Chris Yost and Ellen Esterhay have been able to come to a couple of games in Louisville, we played Charles Dudley's team (Bryant) this year, Dr. Eric E$ Martin sat court side when we played Pittsburgh on the road, and Kayley Wolf just passed through Louisville on work so I've been lucky to be able to catch up with a lot of people. Social media allows us to always be in constant contact and it's great to see the constant success people are having in school, work, and personal lives.   
Tell us about yourself since your camp days!
 After being a camper I attended the University of Louisville where I was able to receive my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sport Administration. I was able to be a student manager for three years with the Men's Basketball program where I was then hired as the assistant video coordinator for the team. I have been working for the team for the past two years and am looking to continue moving up either through the NBA or college. 
Do you have any advice for present or future campers?
My advice to campers is too soak in every moment you can while you're at camp. The week goes by quick and you only have a maximum of eight weeks as a camper so you'll be done and preparing for college before you know it. Ask questions and be engaged you can never stop learning with the resources available to you at camp both diabetic and basketball wise.   

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