January 13, 2020

1. Flu count nears 10M cases, CDC says Full story
2. How bundled payments affect healthcare use, quality

3. NorthShore University HealthSystem buys Chicago hospital  Full story

4.  The labor and delivery (L&D) department is a key driver of patient loyalty. However, many hospitals struggle here, leading to problems with patients, physicians and financials. Click here to download an article on management strategies for a more effective L&D department!

5.  Three cases of deadly, pan-resistant C. auris identified in NYC Full story

6. Antibiotic developers are struggling to stay in business, increasing superbug risks Full story
7. AMA, Trinity Health collaborate to fight cardiovascular disease Learn more

8. 'I want to die': Minneapolis VA hospital cited after another preventable patient suicide Full story

9. Vaping crisis in 2020: Youngest related death, new provider guidelines Full story

10. 'Everything we do should be about the patient,' says Piedmont heart surgeon Vinod Thourani Full story

11. The future of pain management: How to improve patient outcomes with new opioid-free interventions. Click here to attend the live discussion

12. 8 hospitals hiring CNOs Full story