Maintaining the HVAC in your commercial building during this unprecedented time can be difficult. While some of your job sites may be shut down, partially occupied, or your HVAC equipment is turned off, the CDC recommends that for occupancy you:

1.   Adjust outside air dampers to allow more outside air into your system and modify your fan speed to increase your ventilation rate to provide more fresh air changes for the space.

2.   Upgrade your air filters to the highest MERV rating approved for your equipment to increase the capture of small particles giving you healthier indoor air quality.

3.   Cooling towers must remain operational during this time. This will minimize risk of Legionella.

4.   Ensure that your cooling towers are clean and well-maintained per manufacturers guidelines and industry best practices. Your cooling tower fill media and basin must be free from corrosion, deposition and microbiological growth as these conditions decrease the efficiency of the equipment and could pose a health risk.

5.   Now is the time to perform maintenance on your cooling tower for the upcoming cooling season.

6.   For your plumbing systems periodic flushing of fixtures and opening faucets will remove stagnant water and maintain water in traps.

7.   For more CDC recommendations, please visit the Interim Guidance for Business and Employers.

Maintaining your equipment and a safe workspace for your employees to return to is top priority for us. Our Engineering Team can review the capabilities of your existing equipment and make recommendations regarding increased outside air rates and air filtration.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Leslie Titcomb
HVAC Service Manager