The Johnson Family (name changed) came to CDEL for assistance with several related guardianship matters. Mr. Johnson had filed petitions to become guardian of his three adult children. A year before, all four of his children had been diagnosed with the same rare, progressive neurological disorder. His eldest child had already passed because the disease had progressed while they were trying to get a diagnosis. He was unsure how to proceed after filing the initial petition. CDEL filed appearances in all three cases and worked with the health care provider to obtain complete and accurate doctor's reports. Mr. Johnson was successfully appointed guardian of the person of all three children. He now can make sure they are getting the treatment that they need to treat this illness.

This week CDEL also stopped an eviction of a 99-year-old woman who was delinquent in her
condominium assessment payments. She was facing an eviction in early August. We also are
helping her obtain refunds for unclaimed property tax exemptions totaling about $15,000 and investigating whether she may be a victim of financial exploitation.