May 26, 2020
Media Contact: Kendall Goldman
Marketing Coordinator
CDG and Garner Economics Form Joint Venture
for Food Processing Site Certification
Engineering firm CDG and site location specialist Garner Economics have announced a new strategic alliance which builds on the previous food site certification established by Garner Economics in 2010. This partnership strengthens one of the most extensive site certification initiatives for communities seeking to attract companies in the food and beverage industry.

According to Mark Pugh, president of Alabama-based CDG, and Jay Garner, president of Garner Economics, the rationale behind the certification program is to help communities succeed by giving them a competitive edge in pursuing food and beverage companies.

“By having a Garner + CDG Certified Food Site, you are ahead of many of your competitors in showing food and beverage clients that your site meets the rigorous criteria that companies are reviewing in their siting process,” Pugh said.

The Garner + CDG Food Processing Site Certification includes a concise database record for hundreds of criteria and variables necessary to support the critical business decisions of a food industry manufacturer considering a potential location.

“When we evaluate a community for one of our food clients, we analyze hundreds of variables that our clients consider important in the selection process,” Garner said. “The certification allows for a smoother and faster selection of optimum sites benefiting the company seeking a location and the community that is chosen.”

The certification process begins with a comprehensive labor analysis by Garner Economics focused on the workforce requirements of the food and beverage industry. This presents solid information to help advise the community’s prospective clients of the value of the site.

As part of the certification process, CDG and Garner technical experts conduct a field assessment of the sites to analyze its location and value for companies engaged in the food and beverage industry.

CDG prepares a building layout (virtual spec building) for a prospective client to visualize how a building may be defined on the site. Ultimately, the community is provided a report with the Garner + CDG Certified Food Site label or an action plan detailing specific measures needed to achieve the certification.

To learn more about the Garner + CDG Food Processing Site Certification, contact Jay Garner at 770.716.9544 or at, or visit to view our brochure.
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CDG has been an active force in the evolution of infrastructure and environmental projects since 1946. From greenfield sites to expansion projects, CDG brings more than engineering. The CDG team presents forward-thinking design, client advocacy, funding acquisition assistance, and a desire to guide business, industry and community leaders through projects from initial vision to final transformation. CDG strives to leave clients with a finished project that not only surpasses expectations but leaves a legacy that shows tangible signs of progress.

About Garner Economics
Garner Economics, LLC provides innovative economic development solutions in a competitive global market. Garner Economics offers site selection, analytical research, industry targeting, strategic planning and organizational design with a wealth of expertise to companies, communities, and organizations globally. Garner Economics is based in Atlanta, GA, and has representative offices in both Europe and Asia. Jay Garner is a member and current chair of the board for the Site Selectors Guild, Inc.

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