Bi-Monthly Newsletter - March/April 2018
CDHD Congratulates
University of Idaho Excellence in Outreach & Engagement Award Winner 
Julie pictured with award
Julie Fodor, PhD, Director of the Center on Disabilities and Human Development, is the first place recipient of the University of Idaho Excellence in Outreach & Engagement Award for 2017-2018. She was honored at the Awards Ceremony in Moscow on April 25th where she was presented with the award by President Chuck Staben.
Julie Fodor, PhD, with her award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement.
Gwen Mitchell PhD
Pictured above Gwen E. Mitchell, PhD.
Gwen E. Mitchell, PhD, was recently promoted to Clinical Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Faculty. Gwen is the Interdisciplinary Training Director and Director of Clinical Services at the University of Idaho’s Center on Disabilities and Human Development, and the URLEND Idaho Coordinator. She teaches for the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences and the Psychology Department.
AUCD Trainee Map
Melissa Crist, pictured right, was featured as one of the AUCD's 2018 Emerging Leaders.

The AUCD Emerging Leaders highlights the contributions of diverse trainees across AUCD's network. Each person was selected based on their contributions to the network, how they have demonstrated leadership, and their values and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect for others. To learn about the different programs and centers, as well as the activities that trainees are involved in visit the AUCD trainee site .

Graduating Trainees

Every year we have the honor to say good-bye to trainees who are graduating. CDHD will be wishing three seniors the best in graduation celebrations! Ana Vasquez, Mazie Moser, and Kenia Ortega will be joining the University of Idaho ranks of alumni in the spring 2018 commencement and earning their Bachelor’s degrees on May 12, 2018.

Good luck to our graduates!
Mazie Moser – Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Mazie has spent this past year with the Idaho Assistive Technology Project and coordinated both the Climbing for All and the Courageous Kids Climbing events. Mazie will begin a Master’s in Counseling at Corban University in Salem, OR.
Pictured left to right - Aaron McNee, Junior, and Graduating Seniors; Kenia Ortega, Ana Vasquez, and Mazie Moser
From L to R: Trainees Mazie Moser, Kenia Ortega, and Anna Vasquez with Trainee Coordinator Olivia Lebens.
Ana Vasquez - Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Youth Development and Spanish. Ana has been working with the IdahoSTARS project for the past two years and looks forward to moving home and pursuing her career in the Boise/Nampa/Caldwell area.
Kenia Ortega – Bachelor of Science degree in Family Development and Aging. Kenia will complete her credit hours with the IdahoSTARS project and looks forward in pursuing her career in the Boise/Nampa/Caldwell area.
Staff Awards - Years of Service
Five Years
Leticia Buenrostro
Teresa Kross
Susan L. Selle-Shelton
Nicholas Stallings
Teresa Stockwell
Laura Thomas
Heidi Tracy

Ten Years
Tammy Bonnett
Jessilyn Matthias
Maria Perez

Twenty Years
Barbara Broyles
Shawn Wright
Yvonne Wright

Twenty-Five Years
Ann Parks
Conferences and Presentations
Partners in Policy Making

Krista Kramer and Nicholas Stalling of the Idaho Assistive Technology (AT) Project, presented during the March session of Partners in Policy Making in Boise, ID. They provided information on the AT project and gave a demonstration of the different types of AT available.

Robin Greenfield, PhD, director of the Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness presented on her project and distance mentoring.
National Conferences

Dr. Robin Greenfield, PhD, presented at the Deafblind International Network of the Americas Conference in Cape Cod, MA April 15-18th. Dr. Greenfield presented on three topics; distance mentoring , a panel presentation, and the influence of attention on outcomes.

Janice Carson, Ph.D., and Krista Kramer attended the Assistive Technology Leadership Symposium in Washington D.C. April 15-18, 2018.
Tools For Life!
The 14th annual Tools For Life Conference was held in Moscow, ID March 5-6, 2018. The conference is coordinated by the Idaho Assistive Technology Project and travels between Northern Idaho, Boise, and Idaho Falls. In 2019, the Tools for Life Fair will be in Boise!

More than 270 individuals from 11 school districts attended the two-day conference. The students attended breakout sessions on self-advocacy, employment, daily living skills, post-secondary education, relationships, assistive technology, and much more.

Visit the Tools For Life website for more information.
Jamie Ellison, Tuesday's Keynote speaker, discussing the importance of being your authentic self.
Tools for Life participants attend a breakout session.
Vandal Summer Academy
Vandal Summer Academy will be held June 17-22 on the University of Idaho campus. This program is in its second year and is designed to give students with disabilities a college experience and to continue to learn new skills around self advocacy, independent living, employment and navigating campus life.
Application deadline is May 11th!

CDHD Trainee Experiences
Temple Grandin
By Lynsey Fenter

CDHD trainees and staff members were fortunate enough to attend a lecture from Dr. Temple Grandin sponsored by The Green Apple Project.

Dr. Grandin discussed different topics such as: helping different kinds of minds solve problems, developing talents, the unwritten rules of social relationships, emergence: labeled autistic, her personal look at Autism and Asperger’s, and how animals make up human.

Dr. Grandin is one of the most well-known and accomplished adults with autism, so it was truly incredible to hear her speak on all things she is passionate about. 
CDHD Trainees attending the Temple Grandin lecture sponsored by the Green Apple Project. 3/7/18
Pictured L to R- CDHD Trainees; Lynsey Fenter, Mazie Moser, Andrew Martinez. 4/14/18
UI Bound
By Laura Hannon

Olivia Lebens, Interdisciplinary Trainee Coordinator, and CDHD trainees represented CDHD at UIdaho Bound on Saturday, April 14.

They were among dozens of clubs, organizations, and offices that talked to admitted, upcoming freshman during the Student Activities and Information Fair.

Olivia and the trainees provided information on CDHD activities and upcoming events. The trainees shared their experiences working at CDHD and encouraged students to sign up for more information or take an internship application. 
A group of the artists stand with artAbility Director Mia Giglio in front of their self portraits.
artAbility Showcase
By Lynsey Fenter

ArtAbility held it's fourth annual showcase on April 20, 2018 with over 150 people in attendance. The event showcased work from local artists that was created during a series of workshops. Artists used a variety of mediums including mono-type print making, foam print making, and watercolors. New to the showcase this year was a percussion performance of three original compositions.

Artwork not sold at the showcase will be available to purchase during Art Walk on June 15th in the OUI Thrift Store.
A climbing participant waiting to climb a wall. 4/22/18
Courageous Kids Climbing
By Mazie Moser

Taking on the role of being the Event Coordinator for Courageous Kids Climbing (CKC) 2018 has been a significant highlight of my interdisciplinary trainee experience while at CDHD. 

The role of coordinator included: collaborating with the University of Idaho Climbing Gym, Jeff Riechmann, CKC full time Event Coordinator, and The Pullman Fire Department; recruiting volunteers and reaching out to potential participants; and planning details such as which volunteer would belay and what specific needs each climber might have.

I have learned that when you step into roles that challenge you, you will learn more about yourself and serving others. Event Coordinating Courageous Kids Climbing was just that. The outcome of this event was a success. All of the volunteers and participants reported that this event made their day and they are thankful for opportunities that create inclusive environments.
Artists drumming during percussion workshop.
ArtAbility director, Mia, and artist work on a print making project.
Ava Captioning Smartphone App
By Jessilyn Matthias

People who are hard-of-hearing or deaf often acquire skills such as lip reading to understand verbal speech and interact with others. However, in a crowd or at a packed table, it can be difficult to pay attention to everyone speaking. No one wants to feel left out of the conversation.

That’s when Ava can help! Download the free app and ask friends and family to get it too. When the app is activated, a person’s voice is immediately changed to text. Share messages with each other and speak into your device’s microphone to convert speech to text, each person’s comment appearing in a different color.

The free version of the Ava app provides five hours each month of conversations and captions, while a monthly subscription offers unlimited use and accessibility assistance for daily use.
Ava makes communication accessible for everyone. Communication can take place between friends, coworkers, family members, and anyone who has the app. Ava can also translate text to different languages like French, Spanish, and Italian. Language is very important to all of us; most of us take it for granted. For people who can’t speak well, are hard of hearing, or deaf, communication is as difficult as it is essential. Ava provides a way for everyone to communicate and be part of the conversation, and be a part of the world!

For more information, explore the Ava website: .
Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Activity
Idaho Autism Insurance Reform members pictured above with Lt. Governor Brad Little
CAC Member, Sharon Oberleitner pictured above with her son, Robby.
Community Advisory Committee (CAC) member,  Sharon Oberleitner, and other family advocates participated in informing the Department of Insurance and Idaho Legislators on the need to include coverage of autism diagnosis and therapies in private insurance plans.

On April 2, 2018 the group attended the proclamation signing of Idaho's Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day, and the announcement of the
inclusion of coverage of autism diagnosis and therapies in Idaho private insurance plans through an Informational Bulletin issued by the Department of Insurance.

Idaho becomes the 47th state to require private insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

save the date 2018
3 - Idaho Falls
7- Coeur d'Alene
12 - Moscow
15 - Boise
28 - Memorial Day
16, 23, 30 - Three Part Webinar Series -Critical Mass and Autism: Creating Independent Learners. Registration link

5-9 - AAC Camp (Advancing Adventures in Communicating) - Nampa, ID