Due to low vaccine rates across the country for all populations, including individuals with disabilities, the Administration for Community Living provided the opportunity to write for grant funding, to develop activities to increase these rates, to several state-level disability agencies. The Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD) decided to write for these funds and quickly put a plan together focused on popup vaccine site support, start-up funding for COVID-19 information video phone line, and communication access kits for vaccine sites.
Popup Vaccine Site
Making vaccine-sites conveniently available to Idahoans with disabilities is one of the hallmark activities on the grant. CDHD staff have participated in the popup site work with other agencies, provided a vaccine site access kit, and paid for such things as advertising.
Start-up Funding
Asking questions about COVID-19 can be very challenging for the deaf community. The Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, understanding this need, asked for start-up funds for set up the nation’s second- separate phone line that is exclusively for the deaf community statewide focused on vaccinations and COVID-19 information. A representative will answer questions and share information in ASL. The C-VAP program will be working collaboratively with the Council to cover the one time direct connect costs to set up a server/platform for interactive video response filming, training, and registering a toll-free number to route to platform. 
Vaccine Communication Access Kits
Often people think of site access from a mobility perspective; however, functional barriers are also challenging. These obstacles can be addressed through accessibility kits that includes assistive technology to support vision, hearing, cognition, and communication for individuals with disabilities. 
·  The kits contain vision supports such as large print and embossed vaccine information as well as a handheld magnifier.  
·  Flexible hearing tools include a Pockettalker personal amplifier with headphones and disposable earpiece covers, clear face masks for vaccine site workers, and markers with a laminated writing board. ASL information will also be provided.  
·  Cognition and communication resources include plain language resources on COVID-19 and vaccines as well as a laminated communication board.  
The placement of the kits will occur with support from our regional health departments.
 The Vaccine Access Program provides multiple ways, in which Idahoans can access vaccination sites and COVID-19 information through local popup vaccine sites, an exclusive ASL “hotline”, or functional access kits. Each of these activities addresses unique barriers that can be lowered with thoughtful implementation.