Happy New Year!

Well, it’s that time again in the great Pacific Northwest when people go on vacations and into the mountains for cold winter fun and skiing. I remember how my dad used to wax his skis in our garage and talk about how much fun he would have on Mount Spokane. He doesn’t ski much anymore, but there are many people who do and need specialized gear to enjoy the sport. The website http://adaptiveskiing.net/ is a great go-to for information on gear, resort amenities, organizations, foundations, and numerous opportunities to network with other adaptive skiers and staff. In the Treasure Valley, Recreation Unlimited provides http://recreation-unlimited.org/ equipment and lessons at Bogus Basin.
Many assistive technology options exist for physically impaired skiers, including skis and snow boards with seats and built-in handles. These devices accommodate individuals who have trouble walking or balancing. For wheelchair users, there are tow-behind options that can attach to the wheelchair and another vehicle. There are also carts designed to hold a wheelchair/skier combination.
Competitive individuals can even enjoy races, biathlons and Paralympic clubs. There are also special programs for veterans, training centers, and resources for grants and scholarships to buy equipment for people who have disabilities.
It is awesome to know that activity and sports businesses are increasingly aware of accommodations and allowing everyone to use their products and have fun.