April, 2018
Child Development Chat
Behavior Management Tips: Getting your child to cooperate

Our next chat is all about "Behavior Management Tips: Getting your child to cooperate," featuring behavior specialist, Victoria Tenenbaum, which will take place on Tuesday, April 17, from noon-1:00pm. This free chat is a great opportunity to learn, rehearse, or re-learn the basics of parenting.  Victoria serves families in their homes, teaching parents to help their child sleep, use the toilet, finish homework, and much more.  Victoria will share lots of advice in this interactive session. Please check the full 2018 chat schedule, available on our website via the link below, and mark your calendars - we hope you will join in the discussions. 
Preparing Kids for Launch      

Damon Korb, M.D., will be speaking at the 10th annual EdRev Expo in San Francisco on April 21 at 12:30 pm. Executive functioning is critical as students move into adulthood and prepare for college.  Yet, there is an epidemic of disorganized teens -- students who are overwhelmed when they need to, for example, schedule their own appointments, get a driver's license, apply for a job, or just get to class on time.  How do parents teach these executive skills to their teens when they may not want to listen? This talk will introduce the keys to raising an organized child and offers guidance on how to encourage them to practice the skills that they will need for their adult life. To register for the free event, please use this link:

In Memoriam of T. Berry Brazelton (1918-2018).

The recent passing of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, at age 99, deserves special attention. Dr. Brazelton was one of the pioneers of the field of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, a prolific author of parenting books, and an academic teacher to many of the leaders in our field, including myself. Dr. Brazelton often debunked the default diagnosis of "colic" when a baby was crying saying, "No, you just haven't figured out what she needs yet."
Berry had a unique, instinctive ability to connect with, and see into, the world of children.  
One story, relayed by my colleague, was about a seven month-old child that had never left the hospital because of congenital malformations and multiple surgeries. After several doctors failed to get a social response from the baby, Berry entered the room. Berry spread his arms and asked the others to step away from the crib. He turned off the overhead light and moved aside the 20 or so mobiles hanging down from the crib sides and close to the child's face.  He left a single red ball hanging down, and then he paused and breathed. The child opened his eyes, looked at the ball overhead, swatted at it and smiled. Berry connected to the humanity of that little baby so meaningfully.
If you want to learn more from a great man who put babies at the center of the universe, who was the champion for natural childbirth, breast feeding, the ability of parents to stay with a hospitalized child, and face-to-face interactions between a mother and her baby, then read one of the 40 books he has written. My favorite is Touchpoints.
~ Damon Korb, M.D.
New Classes and Groups Available
In addition to the new once-per-month group (see below), ongoing or occasional therapy sessions for siblings are now offered at the clinic. Other summer CDM classes designed to boost reading and executive function skills are also accepting registrations. See more information below and please contact the CDM office for further information or to enroll in a group.   
Supportive Siblings asian-sisters-portrait.jpg
For brothers and sisters of a child with special needs.

The siblings of a child with special needs face situations and deal with issues unique to many families. This monthly group will provide these sibs with a safe and supportive environment for them to communicate their concerns, share their stresses, and learn how other families handle difficult situations related to having a special needs child.
Facilitated by a CDM therapist, the siblings will be able to address issues related to their specific family situation, while participating in fun group activities. Discussion will focus on how to communicate any feelings of resentment or jealousy, suggestions on what to do during embarrassing moments, and recognition of the siblings' important role in their family.
The group meets the last Monday of the month and pizza is served for participants too! Please learn more details here:
Reading Tips & Tricks
This unique summer group is designed to help children in early-elementary school grades who want to get a "jump-start" in reading and pre-reading skills before the new school year begins.  The instructor will be focusing intently on each child's individual reading breakdowns to build stronger foundational competence, which should assist in an easier acquisition of future skills.
The classes will be held the week of August 6 and 13. More details can be found on our website and the link below. If interested in this summer session, please contact the clinic.
Let's Get Organized
Summer Support for Students Who Have Executive Function Difficulties

Use your student's summer break to build new executive functioning skills essential for good organization. Organization problems are common among students who struggle with school. Even the most motivated of these children may find it hard to adapt to the increasing load of expectations as they grow older. By working with an education specialist, one-on-one, in a supportive environment, the sessions will also help to improve a student's self-esteem.

Sessions are individually scheduled on weekdays and held at the Center for Developing Minds. Contact the clinic for more information!