~ June 6, 2018 ~

Over the past several months, I have shared with Certified Application Counselors that CMS instituted a CDO Application Refresh Process for enrollment assistance that will affect all Florida FQHCs. An electronic invitation was sent in April by CMS to the administrator on file. 
Only 9 FQHCs have taken action despite the April 24 deadline. Failure to complete the process will result in being deactivated as a Certified Designated Organization (CDO) and your Certified Application Counselors will be denied authorization to provide enrollment assistance services for Plan Year 2019.
  • Florida Federally Qualified Health Centers already receive funding for enrollment assistance as part of their annual funding allocation. It is expected that your FQHC provides this service and there is no additional or new funding to support it.
  • Once the FQHC completes the CDO Application Refresh process, they will receive a new CDO identification number.
  • All Certified Application Counselors must satisfactorily complete the annual on-line training for Plan Year 2019.
  • The new CDO identification number should be integrated by you into the new CAC numbers of your staffmembers. (Instructions will follow.) 
  • No enrollment assistance may be provided for Plan Year 2019, without the new CDO identification number and new CAC numbers. Previous CAC numbers will be invalid.
  • If the administrator at your FQHC did not receive and complete the invitation to refresh its CDO Application, please email  Include the following:
    • Name of FQHC
    • Previous CDO identification number
    • Name and email of previous administrator, if appropriate
    • Name and email of current administrator

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

To review a webinar on the CDO Refresh Process, click here. 


Linda Carmona-Sanchez

Director, Grants Management & Outreach

FL Association of Community Health Centers

Tel.  (786) 210-1673


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